innovation | July 06, 2021

Embracing Change to Kickstart Innovation: The Lavin Agency Welcomes Jason Feifer

This past year has taught us that sudden, unexpected change may always be just around the corner. And although this might sound scary, success is waiting for those who can let go of protecting yesterday’s status quo. Helping us find the courage to do just that is Jason Feifer—the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Magazine and Lavin’s newest speaker. Immersed in dialogue with some of the world’s most influential change-makers, Feifer teaches us how to get out of our own way and embrace the future.  

In 2022, Jason Feifer will release his first book, Build for Tomorrow, Not for Yesterday (Penguin Random House): a guide explaining how we predictably move through the stages of change, in order to help us do it better. “The future is not optional, which means we really only have two choices: We can help shape it ourselves, or we can stand still and let everyone else pass us by,” says Feifer. A storyteller by nature and profession, Feifer’s electrifying, high-impact talks will both entertain and educate us on how to pursue the benefits of change so that we don’t get left behind in a world that’s currently rethinking everything.


Feifer is also the host of two podcasts: Build For Tomorrow—a show looking to history for clues on how we can shape our future—and Problem Solvers, which invites high-profile business guests to share how they overcame unexpected challenges. With insights coming directly from some of the greatest minds in business, Feifer reframes our relationship with change and reveals how to future-proof ourselves, our teams, and our businesses.

Learn how the future can be yours with Jason Feifer. Contact The Lavin Agency, his exclusive speakers bureau.

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