the lavin weekly | December 01, 2017

The Lavin Weekly: The Opposite of Addiction, The Retail Revolution, Fighting the Media Apocalypse, and A Big Congrats!

In this Lavin Weekly, there’s a profile on Johann Hari; Doug Stephens highlights signs of the retail revolution; Derek Thompson explains how we can fight the media apocalypse; and FrancesCa Gino and Erin Meyer land on the Thinkers50 list.

1. “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, the opposite of addiction is connection.”  

In a great profile on Johann Hari in the National Observer, the author and journalist explains the unanswered questions that instigated his 30,000 mile search for a cure to addiction: “Why did we go to war against people with addictions a hundred years ago? Why are we carrying on when it doesn’t seem to work? What really causes addiction?”  



2. “This foreshadows an entirely new and revolutionary era of retail.” 

“In a world constantly seeking what’s next, new or special, mass retail has become toxic in its overexposure,” says retail speaker and leading consumer futurist Doug Stephens. In The Business of Fashion this week he analyzes Nike’s recent announcement to scale down from 30,000 retail partners to 40.   


3. “How will we survive the media apocalypse?”

What’s the major takeaway from the abysmal valuations of media companies today? “News publishers have to get better at making money outside of advertising,” says Derek Thompson in The Atlantic this week. “In its inexhaustible capacity for experimentation, digital media has pivoted to programmatic ads, native ads, venture capital, Facebook, video. Here is a better experiment: Pivot to readers.”


4. “Congratulations!” 

A huge congratulations to Francesca Gino & Erin Meyer who both landed well-deserved spots on the Thinkers50 list—the essential guide to which thinkers and ideas matter now.


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