science | December 13, 2012

The Subconscious Mind: David Eagleman's Keynote On Deep & Secret Thoughts

The mind is a very mysterious thing.  Even though we have learned a great deal about how it operates, neuroscientists like David Eagleman are seeking to delve further into the functions of the brain and the potential that it holds. At a new, upcoming keynote, Eagleman will discuss one of the most perplexing areas of the brain: the subconscious mind. Presented by the OHSU Brain Institute, the keynote is a part of the Brain Awareness Series. Eagleman will speak on Monday, March 4—tickets are available here.

World renowned in the field, the Guggenheim Fellow is as passionate in his lab as he is in his writing and in his talks. He is the author of Incognito, Live-Wired, and Wednesday is Indigo Blue, as well as being a regular contributor to The New York Times, Wired, Discover, Slate, and New Scientist. He challenges audiences to rethink what we know about our brains and brings science to the masses—explaining the complexities of the mind in an accessible manner that will both amaze and inform you, and change your perception about your most vital organ.