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The Top Climate Change Speakers Taking Action in the Fight for Our Future

A year ago, Greta Thunberg was an unknown Swedish teenager striking from school once a week to protest climate inaction. Today, she’s a global icon and climate activist that’s inspired a nation. Alongside Greta, these top Climate Change speakers are united in the fight to save our planet, and they show us—beyond activism—what we must do to ensure a sustainable future.

The climate catastrophe is transforming everything from politics to society to business, and not necessarily for the better. In the instant bestseller An Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming, David Wallace-Wells imagines the future in the aftermath of the natural devastation. The threat of food shortages, economic destruction and refugee emergency is a scary, but powerful, motivator to change our ways.


David Wallace-Wells,

Award-winning journalist Naomi Klein brings urgent attention to the climate crisis with her latest book On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal. A powerfully rousing call-to-action, On Fire reminds us that what we do next will determine our future, and shows us a politically viable path to sustainability is still possible.


Naomi Klein at A Green New Deal for All


Together we can mobilize and rally against the forces of climate change, says Bill McKibben. Author of the very first book on global warming (1989’s The Force of Nature), McKibben has been in this fight against climate change a long time. Dubbed by TIME as “perhaps the planet’s best green journalist,” McKibben is a voice of inspiration and a leader to follow.


Bill McKibben: 2018

There are emotional and existential consequences to a warming world. Science writer and broadcaster Britt Wray explores these psychological impacts, from people questioning whether or not to have children, to the troubling rise in drug abuse and PTSD. She makes a compelling argument for mental health to be incorporated into our climate survival strategy.


How climate change affects your mental health | Britt Wray

World-renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky explores large-scale social issues through his work, including the damage and upheaval caused by the climate crisis. His documentary project ANTHROPOCENE—the third in an award-winning trilogy—documents the damning evidence than humans are, indeed, the cause of permanent planetary change (along with collaborations Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencient).


Edward Burtynsky - Global Landscapes


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