ted speakers | August 06, 2012

"The World Needs You Badly" E.O. Wilson’s Letter to a Young Scientist

In this TED video, science speaker E.O. Wilson reads an excerpt from his upcoming book, Letter to a Young Scientist, which seeks to inspire young scientists at this crucial point in the field’s history. Here’s the legendary biologist, talking about the impact that science has on our lives, and the important position new scientists have in shepherding what he calls the "techno-scientific revolution":

"So swift is the velocity of the techno-scientific revolution—so startling in its countless twists and turns—that no one can predict its outcome, even a decade from the present moment... In time, all of science will come to be a continuum of description and explanation of networks, of principles and laws. That's why you need not just to be training in one specialty, but also acquire breadth in other fields related to ,and even distant from, your own initial choice. Keep your eyes lifted and your head turning. The thirst for knowledge is in our genes."

Sharing wisdom collected from a lifetime of experience—he has been a leading scientific figure for decades and has twice received the Pulitzer Prize—E.O. Wilson speaks with urgency and determination on the potential that our future holds, and how this next generation of science students will be tasked with bringing it to fruition.

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