ted speakers | December 16, 2014

The Year in Ideas: 2014's Best TED Talks, Featuring Four Lavin Speakers

TED has just released its Year in Ideas, the definitive list of 2014's most powerful TED talks. We are pleased to see four talks by four incredible Lavin speakers on the list: Kimberley Motley on defending the rule of law; Eman Mohammed on the courage to tell a hidden story; Sarah Lewis on embracing the near win; and Isabel Allende on how to live passionately—no matter your age.

Embedded above is TED's compilation of the the year's best talks. Below, we've included our four speakers' keynotes. We hope you find them to be as inspiring as we do.

To book Kimberley Motley, Eman Mohammed, Sarah Lewis, or Isabel Allende for your next event, please contact The Lavin Agency.

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