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Emily Bazelon and David Wallace-Wells’ Best-Sellers Tapped for TIME’s Best Non-Fiction Books of 2019

In 2019, the world can feel uncertain at best, and catastrophic at worst. As a result, TIME’s non-fiction round-up this year highlights books with a vigorous call-to-action for both readers and society at large. Featured Lavin speakers Emily Bazelon and David Wallace-Wells have penned books that tackle some of humanity’s most pressing issues; namely, the devastation of mass incarceration, and the grim future that awaits us if we don’t reverse our current climate disaster. 

 In Charged: The New Movement to Transform American Prosecution and End Mass Incarceration, journalist and legal expert Emily Bazelon follows two young defendants ensnared in America’s predatory criminal justice system. With her trademark investigative reporting and powerful storytelling, Bazelon reveals how all too often criminal prosecutions go horribly wrong, destroying countless lives in the process. Charged outlines the dangers of the current system—starting with overzealous prosecutors—and offers the steps we can take to reform it. 


Meanwhile, New York Magazine editor David Wallace-Wells focuses his attenion on the climate crisis in The Uninhabitable Earth. Both critically acclaimed and a national bestseller, The Uninhabitable Earth promises that complacency will be the death of us. Wallace-Wells spells out the harrowing future we can expect if we continue treading on our current path. It’s a scary verging on apocalyptic visionfilled with fires and floods of Biblical proportions. Time may not be on our side, but Wallace-Wells outlines the steps we can take to ensure a better tomorrow. 


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