innovation | November 17, 2014

Tom Wujec: The Way Companies Produce Physical Objects is About to Change

Whether it’s a car, a shoe, a house, a chaise lounge, or any product, the concept known as RIP, MOD, FAB is going to change how companies make things, and how we consume them. In an accessible new talk, innovation speaker Tom Wujec takes us into this world, and highlights the opportunities. A perfect storm of cheap digital components, computation muscle, and better robots, he says, are disrupting the traditional avenues that we use to produce products. Wujec deconstructs how these design technologies are enacting this transformation; it's a brand new talk that must be heard by any firm producing a product.

Wujec gives us a taste of this big shift, and explains what RIP, MOD, FAB actually means.

From Tom:

RIP: Today’s sensors track location, temperature, movement, orientation, among other properties. Tomorrow’s sensors will add 3D recognition, tracking of human behaviour and what is normally invisible to human senses. The result: unprecedented accurate representation of our world, the things in it, and the people who live in it.

MOD: Infinite computing adds intelligence to digital models. A computer can represent not just the physical properties of, say a bicycle or airplane, but also how comfortable or emotionally captivating it will be. Using a new class of computational design called generative modelling, designers can evaluate hundreds, thousands and millions of potential options, identifying solutions simply beyond the capability of the unaided human imagination. The results are jaw-dropping elegant solutions, planes that use a small fraction of the material in today’s designs, seemingly produced by alien inventors.

FAB: Robotic fabrication is the future of making things. The next generation of robots combined with emerging materials and biological modelling can construct entities as small as viruses to as large as sky scrapers. 
Using examples from companies employing this approach today, Wujec shares how disruptive and democratizing this shift is. Industries will be upended, new business models will be produced, new skills will be required, but with that will come a new and exciting age in the world of design.

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