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The Top 5 Corporate Culture Speakers of 2022

More than anything else, culture is what makes organizations great. A good workplace culture empowers people at every level to learn from their mistakes, collaborate with people who are different from them, and bring their authentic selves to work. Lavin’s top corporate culture speakers—from psychologists to the C-suite—have hands-on experience in creating resilient, healthy organizations. They’ll give you the tools your company needs to achieve balance, develop adaptability, and find success.

Angela Duckworth

The best indicator of success isn’t IQ or talent. It’s grit: the combination of perseverance and passion that helps us to get ahead and stay ahead in today’s fast-paced world. Angela Duckworth is the pioneering scientist who wrote the book on grit—literally! In her practical talks, she draws on her #1 New York Times bestseller Grit to prove that, unlike IQ or talent, grit can be learned. She shows you how to build a gritty company culture, developing these skills in yourself and your employees at every level.


Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

We often try to minimize risk in our organizations, but we can never really get away from it. That means our biggest opportunity lies in getting better at taking risks. Sukhinder Singh Cassidy is one of Silicon Valley’s most respected leaders. As the founder of theBoardlist and former StubHub president, she shows you how to practice your risk-taking skills and build a culture where risk isn’t something to be feared, but something to be faced and mastered for lasting success.  


Jamie Fiore Higgins

What does it look like to recognize—and improve—a damaging workplace? Jamie Fiore Higgins spent 18 years at Goldman Sachs, one of the most cutthroat organizations in the world. It gave her firsthand experience in what it looks like to break out of a toxic system and change it for the better. Today, as the author of Bully Market and one of Financial Times’s most influential women of 2022, Jamie shows you how to avoid toxic workplace environments, and build a healthy culture where everyone can thrive.


Alexandra Samuel

The past few years have offered us an unprecedented opportunity to rethink the way we work. In this new world of work, Alexandra Samuel argues that the most successful organizations will embrace hybrid work, reaping the benefits of the office and the benefits of working from home. Drawing on her crucial and practical book Remote, Inc., she shows you how to strengthen collaboration and embrace individual focus and flexibility, building a strong workplace culture and rhythms in a new era of work.


Jamil Zaki

Empathy is the greatest tool leaders and changemakers have at their disposal. And it isn’t a fixed trait that you either have or don’t have—Jamil Zaki, director of Stanford's Social Neuroscience Lab, says that we can all grow our empathy through practice. As the author of The War for Kindness, Jamil proves that empathy strengthens your company’s collaboration, inclusion, and creativity, and he gives you tried-and-true strategies for helping everyone in your organization tap into this hidden superpower.

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