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Entertainment Weekly Names Works by Patti Smith and George Packer as Some of the Decade’s Best

Among Entertainment Weekly’s top 10 non-fiction books of the decade is Patti Smith’s beloved memoir Just Kids and George Packer’s historical juggernaut The Unwinding.

Patti Smith—Just Kids
In Just Kids, bohemian rocker Patti Smith takes readers through her artistic awakening in the raw and gritty world of New York City in the late sixties and seventies. Candid and poetic, the book revolves around the defining relationship of Smith’s life: her 21-year romance-turned- friendship with Robert Mapplethorpe, the iconic photographer who died tragically from AIDS in 1989.


George Smith—The Unwinding
Journalist George Packer weaves together a frightening, yet compelling narrative of a nation in crisis in The Unwinding. Through individual biographies of powerful, often opposing figures—from Newt Gingrich to Jay-Z—Packer discusses America’s mortgage crisis, the decline of the manufacturing industry, and the disheartening influence of money on politics. Published in 2013, The Unwinding reads eerily prescient about today’s issues.


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