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Anxiety Is Actually Good for You: Lavin Welcomes Psychology Researcher and Author Tracy Dennis-Tiwary

Everybody struggles with some form of anxiety. With stress and burnout on the rise, it’s tempting to want to eradicate anxiety completely. But bestselling author and anxiety researcher Tracy Dennis-Tiwary says that we’ll never fully get rid of our anxiety—and more importantly, we shouldn’t even try to. At its core, anxiety is about hope. If we can rethink the way we approach our most misunderstood emotion, we’ll be able to use it to focus, create, and plan for a better future.

Drawing on her original psychology and neuroscience research, Tracy makes the case for embracing this secret superpower. She’s the bestselling author of Future Tense: Why Anxiety is Good for You (Even Though It Feels Bad). In it, she argues that anxiety is our brains’ response to uncertainty: it arises when there’s potential for bad, but also great potential for good.


By embracing anxiety as a feature, rather than a bug, of being human, we can use our worries to imagine, plan, and persevere through our uncertain (but hopeful) futures. "Anxiety is actually a useful part of being human," Tracy told Lavin. "We can build skills in a virtuous cycle of anxiety—it just takes practice."


Watch Tracy explain three steps that we can take to leverage our anxiety:


3 Steps for Using Your Anxiety to Your Advantage | Tracy Dennis-Tiwary

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