innovation | October 04, 2012

Trend Setting: RW&Co. Features Innovation Speaker Jeremy Gutsche In Their Fall Campaign

When RW&Co. was looking for a face to represent their newest fall fashion trends, innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche was an obvious choice. The entrepreneur has dedicated his career to seeking out the next big thing with his online trend-spotting magazine (which recently just surpassed one billion, yes, billion, views) and he has spoken to some of the world's biggest companies—providing cutting-edge ideas on innovation and breaking the mold. 

Aptly named  "Perform at Your Best," the campaign features the keynote speaker and bestselling author of Exploiting Chaos dressed in what he dubs his "classic and casual 'entrepreneur' style." The campaign also features a short interview where Gutsche describes his personal style mantra and describes a typical day in the life of a jet-setting Trend Hunter.

"Your style is a reflection of your personal brand," he says in the interview. While you won't often find him dressed in a three-piece suit on a regular day (except on keynote presentation days where he sports a suit jacket), his personal wardrobe staple is a "pair of eclectic sneakers."  Having a pair of comfortable shoes is essential for a man who is never in one place for very long, and has to be ready for anything from "a business meeting with a billionaire, a flash mob, or a keynote performance in front of 8,000 people," he says. It's that willingness to jump at every opportunity that has been a key factor in Gutsche's success. 

"There's no word more enrapturing than ambition," he says.  With a best-selling book, an authoritative website, and a bustling speaking career under his belt—that ambition has certainly paid off.