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How Can We Create an Open, Practical Dialogue Around Consent on Campus? Vanessa Grigoriadis Draws Clear Lines

Questions about power, consent, and assault on college campus have sparked difficult—but necessary—conversations. In this #MeToo moment, how do we engage in practical dialogue? New speaker Vanessa Grigoriadis embedded herself in colleges across America, conducting interviews with the survivors, the accused, the parents, the professors, and the administrators. The results, reported on in her bestselling book Blurred Lines, are stunning.

“With rigorous reporting, brilliant observations and a rare absence of bias, Grigoriadis has written a fascinating and moreover an important book about a complex, controversial phenomenon. Blurred Lines is poised to become the definitive work about sex, consent, and campus life in our era.”

— Meghan Daum, author of The Unspeakable: And Other Subjects Of Discussion.

As Grigoriadis discusses in her incisive keynotes, a cultural revolution is taking place, and college students are leading the charge. As a speaker, Grigoriadis tackles the complex social and political issue of assault on campus with the impartial wisdom drawn from her scores of far-reaching interviews. She asks: How can we help survivors move on? How do we address the accused? How might we involve parents, who are often at a distance? What about school administrators, who are responsible for all these students, while also legally bound by the red tape that holds administrations together? 

Grigoriadis’ talks cut through the often sensational and useless media noise that values “hot takes” over constructive, meaningful dialogue. On stage, she offers objective and sensitive accounts of how this new sexual revolution can cue widespread, concrete social change on college campuses and beyond. 

To find out more about speaker Vanessa Grigoriadis, contact The Lavin Agency today, her exclusive speakers bureau.  

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