innovation | January 28, 2013

Visualize The Future: Tom Wujec Live Illustrates The Bloomberg Conference

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but imagine transforming thousands of words into meaningful pictures. That's what Tom Wujec, an innovation speaker and Fellow at Autodesk, did for the Bloomberg Businessweek Design Conference. As each speaker presented their ideas, Wujec furiously translated their thoughts into images. He completed each sketch in real-time and at the end of the conference, had created a collection of 44 visual transcriptions of the event. (Check them out here.) These visual translations crystallize each speaker's key takeaways in a style that is quicker and easier to digest than plain text.

Wujec has done many of these visual recordings at Autodesk (an Oscar-winning leader in 3D computer animation and one of the largest software companies in the world). In his keynotes, he teaches his audiences the power of images to convey complex ideas. Visual clarity doesn't just apply to presentations and note-taking, however. Wujec encourages his clients to "visualize their business" so they can "see" their company and their employees with a fresh perspective. Wujec gave one of these presentations at Lavin, where he helped us to map out the story of our agency (and our future goals) using dynamic and memorable visuals. As Wujec showed us, thinking and communicating with images is a powerful tool for fostering innovation and taking your business to new heights. His interactive presentations help companies in any industry see their strategy in a new way that will help them get a leg up on their competition.

Image: Tom Wujec For Bloomberg Businessweek

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