the arts | April 03, 2019

New Speaker Wanuri Kahiu is the Acclaimed Filmmaker Shattering Conventional Representations of African Culture Onscreen

“When I present my work somewhere, someone will always ask, ‘How does it deal with real African issues like war, poverty, devastation, AIDS?’ Well, it doesn’t,” says Wanuri Kahiu, whose work, dubbed “AfroBubbleGum” presents a fierce, frivolous, fun Africa. And this is a political act. “Agenda art is important, but it cannot be the only art that comes out of the continent.” 

She explains the dangers of a single narrative, especially Africa’s narrative. “Imagine we have images of Africans who are vibrant and loving and thriving and living a beautiful vibrant life. What would we think of ourselves then? Would we think we’re worthy of more happiness? Think of our shared humanity through our shared joy?”


Watch her warm and refreshing TED talk below:


Fun, fierce and fantastical African art | Wanuri Kahiu


To book Wanuri Kahiu for your next event, contact The Lavin Agency, her exclusive speakers bureau.

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