Watch: Tech’s Top Innovators Shine on Amber MacArthur’s Bloomberg North

Relentless adaptation and digital tech expert Amber MacArthur has been part of an exciting new show on Bloomberg TV. Co-hosted with Anthony Lacavera (Chairman of Globalive Capital and founder of Wind Mobile), Bloomberg North shines a spotlight on innovation and leading-edge technology from around the world. And no matter your industry—finance, robotics, the environment, healthcare, or retail—MacArthur and Lacavera keep you apprised of the latest trends, inventions, and ideas.

Bloomberg North has already profiled a slew of industry change-makers. Here are a few highlights:


A stem cell gun that heals burns


Our hosts spoke with Thomas Bold, CEO of RenovaCare, whose stem cell spray-gun aims to revolutionize the care of burn victims. First, a small sample is taken from the patient’s healthy skin. Next, stem cells are extracted from the tissue and placed into a water-based solution, which is then sprayed onto the wound. Where injuries normally heal from the edges inwards, RenovaCare's technology sprays "thousands of little regenerative islands" across the surface of the wound, dramatically speeding up the process.

Bloomberg North with Amber Mac and Anthony Lacavera Promo


Robots need love, too


True Companion is the world’s first sex robot company. Enough said. MacArthur and Lacavera interview founder Douglas Hines, who skirts the more controversial aspects of his product, and instead focuses on its potential in industries like healthcare and home services. 


Knock one back for Mother Nature


A pint of beer takes five pints of water to produce—and that’s a big problem for drought-afflicted California. Half Moon Bay Brewery makes their suds with recycled wastewater using technology borrowed from NASA. And in taste-tests, patrons largely can’t tell the difference. 


Granify your e-store


Canadian company Granify uses big data—really big data—to analyze online purchases and turn virtual window shoppers into buyers. Jeff Lawrence, their CEO, says his company tracks a staggering 200,000 data points per customer visit. With Granify’s win-win software in place, customers enjoy a more streamlined shopping experience and retailers benefit from a boost in sales.


For more fascinating segments from MacArthur’s Bloomberg North, visit their website. And be sure to also check out MacArthur's new book, Outsmarting Your Kids Online, co-authored with privacy and security expert Michael Bazzell. 


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authors | September 13, 2016