digital and social media | May 02, 2013

What Are You Sharing Online? Amber Mac Talks Social Media Privacy On CBS

13 million people on Facebook have never once adjusted their privacy settings. That's a startling statistic, says digital and social media speaker Amber Mac. One quarter of the entire social media site's user base are sharing everything with everyone—and some may not even realize it. "Nothing you put on Facebook is truly private," the Power Friending author tells CBS News. Unfortunately, if you don't adjust your settings, all of your information is being shared with the public. Not only can that allow for friends to tag you in photos you may not want employers to see, but Facebook itself and other companies on the site can use your information for purposes you may not approve of.

For example, she says that "liking" a company on Facebook can lead to your name becoming associated with the ad online. When the ad shows up elsewhere on the Internet, your name—and the fact that you "liked" that company—will show up as well. In the segment, she explores the privacy adjustments that some people don't even  know exist. And, how the information you post online can be used if you do not monitor it. It all comes down to a matter of online branding, and ensuring that you are using digital tools in a way that best reflects who you are. Since what you do online is a direct reflection of who you are offline, MacArthur says it's crucial that you are aware of how you are being perceived. And part of that comes with knowing what information you are divulging to the public.

In the interview, she provides practical advice for navigating the digital world. She is comfortable speaking about the best ways to utilize social media both as a content producer and a content user. In her keynotes, she lays out some tips on digital marketing: be adaptive, respond quickly, and create value. Whether she's commenting on current trends, or helping you to predict what will happen next, MacArthur is a leading voice on making yourself more digitally savvy, and helping you make the most of the opportunities that the online world provides.