digital media | April 25, 2011

Wikipedia Director Sue Gardner Attempts to Curate Everything We Know

In a recent Fast Company profile, Wikipedia Director Sue Gardner—who is one of only two women to run a top-10 website—talked about her ambition to have Wikipedia contain the “sum of everything that we know” and to increase the number of its users to one billion in the next five years. As she points out, making this enormous amount of information available is not for the faint of heart—nor is it for those looking to turn a quick profit:
We want more Indian editors in the English Wikipedia so that the world can benefit from the stuff they know... Our goal is to provide a service that nobody else is going to provide. Nobody else is going to provide a service in Tamil or Malayalam because there's no money there.
As the Fast Company article makes clear, Gardner's role at Wikipedia—she "transformed the site's broken business into a growing hub with global ambitions"—cannot be overstated. In less than four years, she has taken Wikipedia from seven employees working in a strip mall in Florida to 56 employees located in downtown San Francisco to the brink of global expansion. (Offices are planned for India this spring, with Brazil, the Middle East, and North Africa to follow.) She also raised a staggering $16 million during a 50-day anniversary fundraising campaign last year. Not bad for a self-proclaimed Leonard Cohen obsessive and  “nerdy” kid from Port Hope, Ontario.

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