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AR and VR Are Permeating Pop Culture—and New Digital Aggregator XRGoesPop Tracks These Cross-Reality Explosions

As a world-leading expert in Augmented Reality, Helen Papagiannis dynamically shows how the technology applies to a variety of industries. Now she’s launched XRGoesPop: an ever-evolving digital archive that gorgeously documents XR (Augmented Reality, Virtual reality, and Virtual Beings) and how it’s permeating popular culture—from the MET Gala to medicine.

For those looking to understand AR and its effects as a mass medium, look no further than the curated pages of XRGoesPop. Helen Papagiannis has created a beautiful and accessible online hub that features AR in art, fashion, music, games, and celebrity. From Met Gala-themed Snapchat filters to a collaboration between fashion house Moschino and popular video game The Sims, Papagiannis leaves no stone unturned in her quest to document the technology’s best and brightest cultural moments.


Can We Design Augmented Reality to Enrich Our Lives? | Dr. Helen Papagiannis


As XR technology continues to pervade the public consciousness, it will become increasingly relevant to brands trying to connect with consumers. Named one of the NEXT Top Influences of the Digital Media Industry, and a two-time TED speaker, Papagiannis shows us how to apply digital innovation in a way that’s embedded into the culture—and therefore becomes more meaningful and enduring.


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