entrepreneurship | November 30, 2017

Consumers Are Changing, and So Are Entrepreneurs. Kickstarter’s Co-founder, Yancey Strickler, on the Future of Success.

In less than a decade, Kickstarter—the world’s biggest and most successful crowdfunding site—has raised almost $3 billion dollars for new products, cutting-edge technologies, and even Oscar-winning movies. “We can resist and thrive,” says co-founder Yancey Strickler. Without formal business training, he turned a radical idea into a massively successful business—and without ever compromising his values.

“This is a core moment where we can really have a meaningful impact,” says Strickler, who has been listed among Vanity Fair’s New Establishment, and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 List. Strickler built integrity right into his business model by becoming a public-benefit corporation—that is, making a legal pledge to always operate responsibly, ethically, and sustainably. “This isn’t idealism,” he says. “It’s the future.” Values matter to the next generation, and they matter to the next generation of entrepreneurs, too.

TNW NYC 2016 | Yancey Strickler – Co-founder & CEO, Kickstarter


In talks, this entrepreneurship speaker takes audiences through the growing pains of building an international business: all the mistakes, failures, and successes. He breaks down the lessons he learned-by-doing as CEO, including ways of leading an innovative company that not only turns an incredible profit, but also leaves a legacy to be proud of. It all starts with this core code: “Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Don’t try to capture an entire market. Focus on exactly what’s important to you and just try to do that as well as you possibly can.”


After more than a decade with Kickstarter, Strickler is now writing, consulting start-ups, and spreading his defiant brand of infectious optimism for the future of success. To book Yancey Strickler, or someone else who speaks on the new wave of entrepreneurs, contact The Lavin Agency

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