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digital | Dec 18th, 2018

Douglas Rushkoff’s Rousing “Team Human” TED Talk is Now Live

Douglas Rushkoff is a world-renowned philosopher whose bestselling books, documentaries and articles help communities, companies, and governments navigate our digital future. In his newly released TED talk, Rushkoff passionately argues for a more human future: “we have to stop using tech to... Continue Reading →
digital | Jan 19th, 2017

What Makes New Technology So Addictive? Read Adam Alter’s New Book, Irresistible

Addiction is nothing new. But today, it’s all about tech: Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Instagram, and the latest app keep us tied to our screens. So what makes these platforms so enticing? In Irresistible, Adam Alter breaks down the latest in behavioral addiction—and shows us how to kick the habit.... Continue Reading →
digital | Nov 16th, 2016

Can We Imagine Social Media as Biology—As a Living Thing? Michael Casey’s New Book The Social Organism

In his new book, The Social Organism, out yesterday, fintech expert Michael Casey proposes an intriguing theory: that social media “functions on every level like a living organism.” But what does this mean, for both individuals and organizations? And how does it change our understanding of digital... Continue Reading →
digital | Aug 4th, 2016

Insights from Twitter: (Re)Introducing Speaker Kirstine Stewart

Now wrapping up her storied run as Twitter’s VP, North American Partnerships, speaker Kirstine Stewart is once again available for bookings! Stewart is one of Canada’s most prominent business figures, having also held positions as Twitter’s Managing Director, Head of Twitter Canada, and Executive... Continue Reading →
digital | Apr 27th, 2016

First Look: Amber MacArthur’s New Book, Outsmarting Your Kids Online

With the advent of the Internet, accessing mass amounts of information has become quicker and easier than ever. And while this is a boon to industries and individuals alike, it doesn’t come without its drawbacks. In her new book Outsmarting Your Kids Online: A Safety Handbook for Overwhelmed Parents... Continue Reading →
digital | Jan 17th, 2016

#AskASpeaker #7: Twitter Q&A with Alexandra Samuel

Last Thursday, January 14, we held another live Twitter Q&A—the seventh in our series—with yet another media-savvy keynote speaker. This time we spoke with Alexandra Samuel, who’s not only Harvard Business Review’s Social Media Blogger and Vision Critical’s former VP of Social Media, but an... Continue Reading →