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election 2012 | Nov 8th, 2012

Matt Taibbi: Lack Of Self-Awareness Cost Republicans The Minority Vote

When it comes down to it, politics speaker Matt Taibbi says that Rush Limbaugh just doesn't get why the Republican party earned so little of the minority vote this past election. While the Republicans fared well with white males at the polls, they were far off from earning themselves the support of... Continue Reading →
election 2012 | Oct 28th, 2012

Red And Blue America: Steven Pinker's NYT Piece on Politics and Geography

"Regardless of who wins the presidential election," Steven Pinker writes in his New York Times opinion piece,  "we already know now how most of the electoral map will be colored, which will be close to the way it has been colored for decades."  If you look back on elections past, the electoral map... Continue Reading →