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new book | Sep 16th, 2022

Happiness, Change, and Democracy: This September’s Must-Reads from Lavin Speakers

If you’re looking to get more inspired, productive, or thoughtful this month, look no further than these three new books. Cassie Holmes, Douglas Rushkoff, and Jason Feifer have big ideas that you won’t want to miss.

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new book | Jul 8th, 2022

How One Community Fought Racial and Environmental Injustice: LaToya Ruby Frazier’s New Photobook

An award-winning photographer and MacArthur Genius, LaToya travelled to Flint, Michigan to document the community’s struggle against poisoned water and environmental racism. There, she found hope, resilience, and community.

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new book | Jul 4th, 2022

Finding Purpose Amidst Our Climate Anxiety (and Our Other Anxieties!): Stanford Fellow Britt Wray’s New Book

Our climate change anxieties—our anxieties about seemingly everything—have never been more overwhelming. But they’re also the key to change for the better. “Generation Dread” is a “vital and deeply compelling read” (award-winning writer and director Adam McKay).

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new book | Jun 16th, 2022

Protecting Democracy is Our Greatest Challenge—Diversity Is the Key! Yascha Mounk's New Book

In “The Great Experiment: Why Diverse Democracies Fall Apart and How They Can Endure," one of our foremost political scientists gives us fresh optimism for the greatest challenge of our time: building democracies that are both diverse AND equal.

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