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religion | Dec 4th, 2019

Lavin’s Top Religion Speakers Offer a Nuanced Understanding of Faith in the Modern World

While some consider religion a pillar of morality and community, others believe it to be the root cause of wars, political strife, and ideological dust-ups. With compassion, honesty, and humor, Lavin’s Top Religion Speakers shine a light on the pivotal role faith continues to play in modern-day... Continue Reading →
religion | Jun 28th, 2019

Reza Aslan—the Bestselling Author of God: A Human History—Discusses New Book with Entertainment Weekly

Religious scholar and New York Times bestselling author Reza Aslan shares the details of his new book in an Entertainment Weekly Exclusive. The upcoming Baskerville will tell the story of the American citizen who gave his life fighting for Iranian freedom. Reza Aslan’s latest book centers around... Continue Reading →
religion | May 8th, 2018

Lavin Speakers Reza Aslan and Wajahat Ali Land On CNN’s Most Influential American Muslims List

CNN spent a year interviewing more than 100 American Muslims, asking who they believed were the most influential Muslims in their fields. Though no one can speak for the nearly 3.5 million Muslims in America, Reza Aslan and Wajahat Ali were among the most influential to be named, alongside an... Continue Reading →
religion | Mar 13th, 2017

CNN Premieres Reza Aslan’s Six-Part Investigation of Faith, Believer

“What is your most unshakeable belief?” This is the question driving religious scholar and writer Reza Aslan’s new spiritual adventure series on CNN, Believer. Aslan puts faith into provocative action, and is already making headlines for it. In each episode of Believer, the six-part television... Continue Reading →
religion | Jan 4th, 2017

Reza Aslan’s New CNN Series Believer Is a Deep Dive into the Religious Unknown

The newest show from Reza Aslan is almost here. The six-part series Believer follows Aslan as he travels the globe meeting the true adherents, religious rebels, fanatics, and gurus behind the fringes of some of the world’s major religions. And it’s coming to CNN this Spring—check out the first... Continue Reading →
religion | Nov 18th, 2016

An Interfaith Couple Explains Trump to Their Kids — Reza Aslan & Jessica Jackley Choose Tolerance

As an interfaith, interracial family, Reza Aslan and Jessica Jackley were at a loss to explain Trump’s win to their young kids. But their eldest child already knew exactly what to say: “The way we defeat bad guys is by loving them so they become good guys.” Reza Aslan is a NYT bestselling author... Continue Reading →
religion | Jan 13th, 2015

How to be a Moderate Muslim: Speaker Wajahat Ali in Salon

Earlier this week, speaker Wajahat Ali addressed Islamophobia in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks with a satirical piece in Salon on the "mythical moderate Muslim." Ali, who is the co-host of Al Jazeera America's The Stream, often speaks on the Muslim American experience and is the author... Continue Reading →
religion | Oct 1st, 2014

Does Islam Promote Violence? Reza Aslan Confront Religious Essentialism on CNN

Speaker Reza Aslan—who impressed everyone on the Internet last year for his incredibly calm, intelligent responses during a surreal Fox News interview where he was repeatedly challenged about why he, as a Muslim, would write a book about Jesus—went viral again this week after an appearance on CNN.... Continue Reading →
religion | Dec 11th, 2013

#1 Bestseller Zealot to Hit the Big Screen: Reza Aslan's Major Film Deal

It's been a busy week for religions speaker Reza Aslan. Lionsgate announced it has acquired feature film rights to Aslan's #1 New York Times bestselling book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, which Salon calls "a vivid, persuasive portrait of the world and societies in which Jesus... Continue Reading →
religion | Oct 15th, 2013

Close The Gap: Speaker Reza Aslan On The Chasm Between History & Religion

Reza Aslan, the highly requested religions speaker, is still generating a lot of buzz thanks to his book, Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. Recently, he gave a presentation at the UN Committee Lecture at the New Canaan Library (check out the video, embedded above) and was a guest on... Continue Reading →
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