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stem | Jan 21st, 2019

We’re Entering the Age of Living Machines says Susan Hockfield, President Emerita of MIT and Leading Voice in the STEM World

We’re entering the Age of Living Machines: the seamless convergence of biology and tech. This, says Susan Hockfield, President Emerita of MIT and leading voice in the STEM world, is the biggest tech story of our time. In talks (as in her new book The Age of Living Machines), she tells it, outlining... Continue Reading →
stem | Sep 12th, 2018

#SheCanSTEM and So Can You: Lucianne Walkowicz’s New Campaign Empowers Young Women to Reach for the Stars

“When I was your age, I was just like you—fascinated by stars,” says Lucianne Walkowicz to an audience of awed young girls. The astrophysicist and multimedia artist is one of the faces of #SheCanSTEM, a public service campaign that encourages girls to get involved in science, technology,... Continue Reading →