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Justin Reves | Chief Storyteller at Pidgeon Social | Digital Marketing & Media Strategist
Lavin Exclusive Speaker

This year on YouTube alone, people will spend over 3 trillion minutes watching other people play video games. They’ll publish the equivalent of 130,000,000 feature films in user-generated content. And—perhaps most importantly—they’ll earn billions of dollars doing it. Inspired, Justin Reves set out to take advantage of the new digital world. In just one year, the former Marketing Director amassed hundreds of millions of views on his viral videos and made international headlines from The New York Times to the BBC. Wildly funny and electrifying, Reves’ talks do more than entertain: they help brands harness the power of digital to capture attention, make connections, and build community.

In the new world of digital media, influencers build billion dollar empires on Instagram, politicians pick fights on Twitter, and our attention spans—fractured across countless platforms—have dropped below that of a goldfish. Many people would consider these stats negative, but not Justin Reves. He asks, what if we could leverage the immense opportunity of the digital “Wild West” for good? How might we brighten the world, get politicians to lower their guard, give hope to disillusioned sports fans, instill pride in our communities, and, in Reves’ case, start an international war where the only fallout is songs, laughter, and an “International Moose Truce Summit”?

In his hilarious and insightful talks, Reves walks us through the experience of leaving his marketing consultancy behind for the unpredictable world of social media. With the papers in hand to become a partner at a well-respected ad agency, he chose instead to start a blog, a vlog, and a YouTube tech channel to give him real-world experience in content creation. After making over 200 videos that first year—earning millions of views— he and Greg Moore, a fellow ad-man turned content-convert, started their own Facebook Live show and co-founded the social media consultancy Pidgeon Social. To date, they’ve reached over 100 million people, become NHL media, hand-delivered T-shirts to The Tonight Show, beta tested for Facebook, and were asked to intro the most important game in Vegas’ history. Throughout all these incredible experiences, one thing becomes clear: Reves’ passion for storytelling in the digital age is infectious. In his talks, audiences will learn how to adapt their thinking to this new world order, becoming more effective at communicating and collaborating in the hyper-connected digital age.

Speech Topics

Influencer Marketing 101 Understanding the Most Critical Component in a Brands’ Marketing Toolbox
Whether it’s a legacy brand, a direct-to-consumer start-up, or a presidential campaign, organizations across the map are spending more and more of their advertising dollars on influencer marketing. As both a seasoned marketing professional and something of an “influencer” himself, Justin Reves has a unique perspective on how to take advantage of this maturing medium. In a data-driven, story-filled session, he shares the impact influencers are having on digital advertising, the differences between the various platforms they use, and the most effective ways to work with them to enhance your brand. As influencer marketing continues to grow and evolve, Reves’ talk is required listening for anyone hoping to cultivate a winning content strategy.
Consumer Behavior
Mastering the New Digital World The Power of Online Communications
Everyone is a producer on the new-world networks of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch, stealing trillions of minutes every month from traditional networks. But, argues Justin Reves, what if this was all an opportunity for brands and marketers to make worldwide noise without spending a dollar on ads? In this dynamic and actionable keynote, you will hear the hilarious stories, failures, and practical, real-world insights of how a marketer-turned-online-personality made headlines in The New York Times, BBC, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox and even Stephen Colbert as he started an international moose war, became a member of the NHL media, upstaged Cher, the Backstreet Boys, and Lady Gaga in Vegas, had Norway make a music video about him, and reached hundreds of millions of people along the way—all from the comfort of his personal devices. Whether you want to influence or gather data, Reves will set you up to make your voice echo in this new digital world