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7 lessons can help you implement Artificial Intelligence in your company, combining the art of the possible and the art of the practical in AI.

Founder and CEO of Obsidian Strategies | Fmr. VP of the Amazon Web Services Machine Learning Solutions Lab | Fmr. Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

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If a 200-Year-Old Government Agency Can Use Artificial Intelligence, So Can You

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Deploying Real-World Machine Learning

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The Looming Board Challenge Oversight of Artificial Intelligence

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“AI is the most transformative technology of our generation. Whether your organization is a Fortune-ranked company, a five-person startup or a government agency, your company has countless AI opportunities ripe for application today,” says Michelle K. Lee. But where, when and how do you take advantage of this technology? What are the real-world applications of AI, including generative AI, that you can use in your business today with impact? Based upon Michelle’s wealth of experiences as a leader at Amazon, Google, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and now Obsidian Strategies—where she advises companies on defining and achieving their AI goals—Michelle shows business leaders how AI is currently being applied to increase productivity, enhance customer experiences and drive revenue across a wide range of industries. At time when there is much hype and high-level talk about the “promise of AI,” Michelle cuts through the hype and brings the high-level talk down to reality with concrete examples, recommended actions, and 7 lessons for successful adoption within your company.

Michelle K. Lee has spent her career building and advising some of our country’s most innovative, AI/data-driven companies (Amazon and Google), which gives her unique perspectives into the opportunities and applications of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. She also understands first-hand the challenges of bringing AI to non-digitally-native companies. As the head of the 200 year-old U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, she led over 10,000 people to implement an agency-wide AI strategy, increasing the quality, speed and consistency at which patents issue. Today, she’s the CEO and Founder of Obsidian Strategies, where she helps Fortune companies identify and implement their highest return-on-investment AI opportunities.

AI will impact every business in every industry and many aspects of our lives, she says. In Michelle’s engaging talks, you will learn about the art of the possible and practical in AI. She helps business leaders understand how AI can and will impact every business and provides the inspiration and practical steps needed to realize their AI opportunities. Drawing on her long career, she offers concrete, practical examples from the top levels of technology, law, business, government, and more.

Most recently and relevantly, she was a senior executive at Amazon, and the Vice President of the Machine Learning Solutions Lab at Amazon Web Services (AWS). She led a global team of business consultants and data scientists who helped clients from a broad range of industries to spot and implement their most fruitful AI/machine learning applications. She also played a key role in addressing policy, regulatory, and ethical risks associated with AI services and applications, and was the founding business executive lead for AWS’s responsible AI efforts. Through both her industry and government experiences, Michelle has a unique understanding and ability to balance the opportunities and risks in AI, an area of active interest to regulatory and legislative bodies as well as society.

Before Amazon, Michelle served as the presidentially-appointed Under Secretary of Commerce and Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, one of the largest intellectual property offices in the world, and brought AI and data analytics to the agency to enhance its operations. Prior to public service, she spent eight years as an executive at Google. She has testified before Congress multiple times in her various areas of expertise and has received numerous awards for her leadership and professional accomplishments.

Michelle is an MIT AI Lab-trained computer scientist and has worked at the MIT AI and Hewlett-Packard Research Laboratories. She is a frequent speaker on AI, innovation, digital transformation and board governance, and has spoken at The World Knowledge Forum and South by Southwest, among others. She has been featured in The Wall Street JournalFortuneBloomberg, NPR, and the MIT Sloan Management Review.

Speech Topics

Artificial Intelligence
AI: The Art of the Possible and the Art of the Practical7 Lessons for Successful Adoption in Your Business

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most transformative technologies of our generation, and it’s ready to be put to use in every industry. We have a unique, unprecedented opportunity to unlock competitive advantage today—but how?

Michelle K. Lee knows how. Drawing on her long experience at the top levels of technology, law, business, and government, including her tenures at Amazon Web Services and the 200-year-old U.S. Patents and Trademark Office, she helps leaders and executives unleash the power of AI to revolutionize innovation, creativity, and work itself.

With concrete case studies and examples from the Fortune 500 companies she’s worked with, Michelle gives you actionable steps for implementing AI into your organization. She shows you how to start—by developing a data strategy and carefully selecting success metrics—and walks you through every stage, until you not only have the tools to build an AI framework today, but are also prepared to plan for the long term. But the most crucial part of implementing AI into your company, Michelle says, is that you have to start now.

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