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Ritu Bhasin

When we bring our authentic selves to work, we create happier, more productive organizations

Speaker on Diversity & Inclusion, Women’s Advancement, Leadership, and Self-Empowerment | President bhasin consulting inc.

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Ritu Bhasin | Speaker on Diversity & Inclusion, Women’s Advancement, Leadership, and Self-Empowerment | President bhasin consulting inc.
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What happens when employees—who come from increasingly diverse backgrounds—hide their best selves at work? There is a bottom-line consequence: conformity spreads, innovation stagnates, and top talent leaves. Ritu Bhasin is an energetic speaker who champions authentic leadership as the antidote to exclusionary work cultures, and shows you how to build more engaged, inclusive, and productive teams and environments.

“Relatable right from the first page, The Authenticity Principle is an honest and thoughtful immersion into what it truly means to be ‘The Other.’ A definite must-read for all!”

— Deepa Mehta

Successful companies know that authenticity is everything. As a leadership and inclusion consultant, Ritu Bhasin gets this. She works to build cultural competence and accountability in the workplace—and shows how productivity, engagement, and satisfaction are natural byproducts of people bringing their authentic selves to work. As President of leadership and inclusion firm Bhasin Consulting inc., she coaches C-Suite leaders, executives, and diverse professionals on leveraging their differences for success. And as a global speaker, she challenges others to take ownership of their role in addressing racism and discrimination—and is a passionate champion of authentic leadership as a path to empowerment and success. 


After years of this work, Bhasin discovered an undeniable relationship between inclusion and authenticity, which is the focus of her book, The Authenticity Principle.  It also includes insights from Bhasin’s work as a yoga and mindfulness instructor—a practice she credits as being a key pillar of building personal and professional joy. 


Bhasin has received numerous awards for her commitment to social change, including the IndoCanadian Chamber of Commerce Female Professional of the Year Award, the City of Toronto William P. Hubbard Award for Race Relations, and Western University’s Young Alumni Award.  
Before founding Bhasin Consulting inc., Bhasin was a practicing lawyer, and the director of legal talent at a preeminent Canadian law firm. She earned an MBA from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and an LL.B. (With Distinction) from the University of Western Ontario, and she has served as an instructor in the Executive Program at the Rotman School of Management. 


Speech Topics

Authenticity Unlock the Power of Differences Within Organizations

Organizations are more diverse than ever—but in a society that favors sameness and conformity, many workplaces still struggle to retain and advance diverse talent. How can we ensure that everyone, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, and more, can experience belonging at work?


According to leadership expert Ritu Bhasin, to be truly inclusive we need to focus on one key ingredient: authenticity. A commitment to authentic leadership unlocks inclusion, empowerment, and innovation, and enables everyone to contribute to their fullest. In this dynamic keynote, Bhasin reveals how authenticity is the practical antidote to exclusionary work cultures, and shares strategies for interrupting bias, embracing differences, and creating environments where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work.

Corporate Culture
Disrupting Bias Overcoming Our Discomfort with Differences

The critical first step to building more diverse and inclusive environments is to identify and interrupt biases—both conscious and unconscious. When we know how to interrupt and address biases, our workplaces are more inclusive, and our teams are happier, more engaged, and more successful.


In this illuminating keynote, Ritu Bhasin explores the three ways that bias prevents organizations and team members from thriving: dishing out bias, receiving bias, and internalizing bias. Touching on the latest neuroscience, leadership, mindfulness, and self-empowerment research, Bhasin reveals strategies for interrupting bias to create more inclusive and innovative organizations.

Diversity & Inclusion
The "How" of Inclusive Leadership Transforming Organizational Cultures Through Allyship

We’re hearing more than ever before about the critical importance of inclusion—in workplaces and in society at large. As leaders, many of us want to do better at creating inclusive cultures and supporting diverse team members, but often we simply don’t know how to make this happen.


According to leadership expert Ritu Bhasin, through effective allyship, leaders can better interrupt bias, work across cultural differences, and create environments that are authentic, empowering, and innovative. In this compelling and practical keynote, Bhasin gives leaders the “how” for making diversity work, including the tools, skills, and language they need to boldly move forward into the role of ally.