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An American In China: James Fallows’ Talk About East-West Relations At MIT

Fresh off the publication of a new Atlantic article on the return of manufacturing to America from China, James Fallows traveled to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology to present a talk on the rapid changes taking place in China. An expert on both the events occurring in the country, and the relationship that North America has with the Asian giant, Fallows has been living and writing in the country until recently. He spoke to students at MIT's Center For International Studies about the “Gold Rush” atmosphere in the country at present, where journalists (himself included) are currently being given once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to tell powerful stories about the monumental overhaul of the country. He explained, however, that there is a massive contradiction resting beneath all of the surface level change: to progress, real political change must take place—which many citizens are calling for—but this may not come to fruition any time soon thanks to influential Chinese officials being stuck in the past.

A national columnist at The Atlantic, Fallows recently authored a new book titled China Airborne. His perceptive and thought-provoking writing has earned him the National Book Award, the American Book Award and the National Magazine Award. He is also a passionate public speaker, and his vow to make the “important interesting” draws audiences in and opens their eyes to the events taking place across the world.