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Mental Health: Coping with COVID-19 

COVID-19 has radically changed the social and economic systems that we all depend on. For many, this has been an unsettling, disruptive, and alarming transition. But there are also hopeful signs for our future. These Lavin speakers will help you manage the sweeping changes that affect us all, keep you up to date with important health and social issues, and maintain your physical and mental wellbeing as we navigate this new era, together. 


Mental Health: Coping with COVID-19
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Dr. Kristin Neff

Author of Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself | Co-founder of the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion

Dr. Kristin Neff is a pioneer in the field of inner strength training and self-compassion—the first to empirically study the concepts and create a simple, actionable guide proven to increase motivation, boost resiliance, and improve mental health. Our society teaches us that self-compassion is the enemy of productivity, that to be kind to ourselves is to invite complacency when in fact, the opposite is true—and in the midst of a global pandemic, when near catastrophic burnout is threatening the happiness, success, and productivity of us all, we need self-compassion more than ever.  
Michael Landsberg

Mental Health Speaker | Founder of #SickNotWeak

The social isolation measures that have risen in response to  COVID-19 pose a serious threat to our mental health and well-being. In his new program Isolation Nation, Michael Landsberg speaks candidly about dealing with mental health struggles in the face of both a public health emergency and economic crisis. Having spoken to countless medical experts, thought leaders, and notable guests from the sports and entertainment world, Landsberg has a wealth of information to share with audiences still reeling from the pandemic. He does so with his signature wit in this must-listen talk that is equal parts motivating and educational. 
Daniel Lerner

Positive Psychologist | Instructor of NYU’S “The Science of Happiness”

Whether it’s the way we learn, work, or connect with each other—it’s clear that everything has been transformed in the wake of the pandemic. But the thing that interests Dan Lerner the most is the way it’s changing our prespective on something essential: our wellbeing. With his signature high-energy brand of storytelling, Lerner offers us simple yet powerful insights as to how we can make sense of this tragedy, maintain hope, and care for ourselves and each other.