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Jonathan Metzl discusses “Dying of Whiteness” on MSNBC

NSL Bites: Jonathan Metzl on Guns in America

Jonathan Metzl on Political Issues That Could Impact Your Health (2:38)

The Young Turks: Why Gun Violence Is Rising In America

Mental health “1 piece of the puzzle”: Psychiatrist on Buffalo shooting

Should US increase gun regulations, or do gun freedoms reduce violence?

The Intersection of Race and Public Policy in America (1:18:30)

What’s Left to Explore?

The Importance of Race Education (5:46)

Understanding Crime Fighting in Black America (1:15:46)

Criminalizing Race Compromised the American New Deal (1:22:10)

Are American Civil Rights Really Getting Better? (1:04:10)

Race as an Aggravating Factor in Sentencing (2:31)

The Centrality of Slavery to the American Story (4:00)

Front Lines First: What a Green New Deal Really Means (2:09)

Lack of Action on the Climate Crisis Is Genocide (1:17)

The Biggest Barrier to Collective Action Is Hopelessness (4:44)

Change Capitalism, Change Our Planet (23:39)

Want to Instill Grit? Teach Kids About Failure (4:33)

How Do Children Succeed? (1:05:02)

We Need a Green New Deal for Everyone (1:21)

Do Kids Work Harder If They Believe They Can Change? (2:28)

What Character Traits Predict Success in Children? (3:34)

What’s the Best Antidote to Childhood Stress? (5:37)

How Children Succeed: The Hidden Power of Character (19:46)

Getting Students Back on Track Requires Outside Help (3:47)

Testing Grit to Identify Future Success (3:15)

Managing Failure in Education (3:42)

Do Our Children Need More Adversity? (3:07)

Diversifying College Campuses Empowers Students to Succeed (9:48)

The Reality of Social Mobility in College (3:53)

Higher Education is Unfair – But the Stakes Truly Matter (5:34)

How and Why We’re Hardwired for Innovation

How Education Went from Enabling Social Mobility to Preventing It (1:09)

The Creative Company: Bending, Breaking, & Blending Ideas (56:42)

LaToya Ruby Frazier: The Last Cruze

Considering the Displaced Working Class

Why Innovating Your Process Matters (4:30)

What Do Americans Want From Corporations? (4:26)

Meet the Billionaire Whiz Kid Behind Oculus VR (5:42)

What Does It Take to Be *Truly* Disruptive? (5:10)

Program or Be Programmed (5:46)

The One Mindset that Helped Snapchat Succeed (5:46)

How Do Humans Fit into the New Economy? (3:58)

Mapping the Insidious Spread of Digital Monopolies (1:45)

Reboot the Economy for Human Beings (4:43)

How Has Tech Changed the Way We View Time? (13:22)

ChatGPT’s AI Capabilities Are Plateauing (7:29)

How Extractive, Growth Based Economies Lead to Financial Obesity (7:22)

Why Is Growth Above All a Bankrupt Model? (3:20)

How Is Dying Well a Moral Obligation?

The Power of Knowing You’re Not Alone

TED: What Do You Want to Do Before You Die?

Should the Rise of Other Nations Frighten America? (4:18)

Learning to Love the (Shallow, Divisive, Unreliable) New Media (1:17:15)

For Renewal, Turn to the Gilded Age of America (2:29)

Understanding America’s Problems and Strengths (4:08)

Assessing the Silicon Valley Model (44:39)

The Value of the American Myth As a Factor in Immigration (1:25)

The Lived Experience of Immigration in the U.S. is Not What You May Think (3:02)

Tracking Recovery and Resilience Across America (21:00)

3 Questions for NASA Pioneer Ellen Ochoa

Do the Right Things Today to Ensure Your Best Future (3:07)

Advice From Astronaut Ellen Ochoa

How to Use Anger for Justice (5:47)

Women in Innovation: NASA’s Dr. Ellen Ochoa (4:48)

How to Encourage Girls into STEM (2:17)

Understanding How Average People Radicalize

TEDWomen | The Power of Women’s Anger (11:44)

Why Don’t We Take Women’s Anger Seriously? (6:43)

Reversing America’s Political Polarization with Dialogue

What Is Afghanistan’s Best Hope?

TEDxStanford: How Can We Revive the American Dream for Our Children?

How Apple Captured the Future (2:56)

Reinventing Your Business Model (2:49)

Prioritizing the Customer Over the Competition (2:20)

Leading From the Future (6:07)

Finding Meaning in an Unjust World

Live The Perfect Life, Using Data | Modern Wisdom Podcast

Google In The Age Of Growing Privacy Concerns | CNBC

All the World’s a Lab: What Data Reveals About What Customers Want

What We Can Learn From History’s Unsung Heroines (1:12)

Watch the Trailer—Hidden Figures

Don’t Just Watch Hidden Figures—Read the Book

How to Use Empathy to Better Your Life (6:55)

How Has Empathy Evolved in Humans? (5:05)

Building Empathy: How to Get Others to Care More (13:19)

Enhancing Communication with Empathy (0:51)

Learning to Empathize Strategically (1:50)

Embracing Empathy in the Workplace (2:02)

How to Escape the Cynicism Trap (12:44)

Is Your Business *Actually* Different and Better?

Reinventing Biotechnology (6:20)

Engineering the Future (4:14)

The Cellular Revolution (12:59)

The Big Difference Between 1955 and Today? Twitter. (1:09:10)

What Would Justice Look Like for the Victims of Police Brutality? (1:43:04)

Civil Rights Today: The New Civil Rights Movement (1:19:15)

How Do Automation and Job Creation Work Together

What Will AI’s Economic Impact Be?

Can We Create New Tasks in the Era of Intelligent Machines?

Coercion, Labor Control & the Political Economy

Why Do Nations Fail?

Does Automation Lead to New Industries?

Making Better Decisions

TED: The Future of the American Dream is Green

TIKTOK, BOOM. Director Shalini Kantayya | Virtual Sundance Studio

The iPhone Isn’t Disruptive, It Just Looks That Way

Why Describing Ability as “Talent” Undermines Grit in the Workplace

How America Elected an “Insane Clown President”

Minding the Wealth Gap (57:00)

Our Automated Future: Learning to Adapt in the Era of Intelligent Machines

Why Entrepreneurship Is About More Than Jobs and Wealth

How Your Company Can (and Must) Develop an AI Strategy

AI Will Drop the Cost of Prediction—and Change Entire Industries

What Happens After You Achieve Your Dream? (2:57)

Inspire Teams by Building Deep Relationships (2:22)

Why Great Art Makes—and Remakes—Our Shared Historical Narratives

A Ticket to the NHL Comes with a Steep Price (3:07)

Rely on These Three Pillars to Achieve Your Potential (4:07)

Interview on Facebook Whistleblower Revelations

Forecasting the Future of Media (1:30)

Restoring Civil Discourse in America (1:06)

Social Media and the Rise of Information Warfare (2:20)

Anderson Cooper 360: Yael Eisenstat and Jennifer Grygiel

What Are Three Ways the Brain Creates Meaning? (6:27)

Explore What’s Possible—Not What’s Expected (1:45)

Transforming the Future of Design and Manufacturing (8:05)

How Does AI Help Us Become Better Designers? (8:51)

Build a Tower, Build a Team (7:23)

Reconciliation: Building a New Approach

How Can Analog Tools Unlock Creativity and Productivity? (2:56)

Do Analog Records Sound More Human? (3:02)

What Do Food Trends Say about Our Society? (8:59)

Why Communicating Design on Paper Still Matters (6:29)

What’s Driving the Vinyl Renaissance (23:12)

Why Are Analog Goods Making a Comeback? (5:20)

The Allure of Human Interaction (3:34)

Why the Human Touch Matters in a Digital World (3:12)

How “Persistence” Helps Students Make Sense of College

How Our Identities are Tied to the Tangible (4:12)

How Young People Drove the Analog Renaissance (3:25)

Celebrating the Importance of Libraries (2:00)

The Hate U Give Official Trailer (2:18)

Meet Angie Thomas: Bestselling Author & Hip-Hop Aficionado (2:29)

What Inspired *The Hate U Give*? (2:29)

Aspen Ideas Festival: Our Towns (50:32)

Our Towns: A 100,000 Mile Journey Into the Heart of America (53:22)

America, Reinvented. (1:14:12)

What Is the ISIS Caliphate?

On Diversity: Access Ain’t Inclusion (12:42)

Poverty & Equality: Who Gets to College, and Who Makes It Through? (9:21)

Why Does Visibility Matter? (3:02)

Empowering the Emerging Middle Class (4:15)

Earning Financial Trust With Your Smartphone (7:53)

If You Don’t Write Your Own Story, Others Will Write It for You

Fear Is Funded—and Here’s How We Know

Confronting National Crisis Through a Psychological Lens (6:67)

What Are The Themes that Cause Societies to Collapse? (19:49)

What Can We Learn from Traditional Tribal Societies about Dealing with Dangers? (3:16)

Only We Can Undermine Our Own Democracy (4:48)

Andrew Marantz in Conversation: Rotman School of Management

What to Do if Your Inner Voice is Cruel (6:36)

TED: Let’s Teach For Mastery—Not Test Scores

TED: An Update to the Khan Academy’s Mission

TED: The One World School House: Education Reimagined

Teju Cole on Open City

A More Effective Way of Depicting Diversity (2:28)

How Individual Action Can Create Systemic Change (1:23)

“A Big Deal”: Rutgers Fossil Fuel Divestment & the Future of Climate Justice

Fighting Climate Change In Numbers (4:23)

Everyone Knew about Climate Change. Why Didn’t We Do Anything? (5:13)

Watch the Trailer—The End/Beginning

How Mosquitoes Help Us Understand ChatGPT

Is “I Don’t Know” a Viable Answer?

Ask the Right Questions

How Can Emerging Economies Like Myanmar Develop?

Why It’s Essential to Have a Mentor (4:12)

How Did Manjit Minhas Grow Her Business? (6:24)

The Art of Pitching (5:54)

Never Work a Day in Your Life (1:22)

People Make Your Business (7:24)

The Power of Giving Back (1:30)

Putting a Face to Your Business (3:30)

Beer Business School 101: You Get What You Negotiate (1:34)

Evolving Business Through Human Connection (1:22)

The Reinventionist Mindset™️ (3:59)

Why Traditional Retail Reinvention Doesn’t Work (22:24)

Creativity is About Right Now—and Tomorrow (1:51)

Radical Collaboration: Everyone Can Be Creative (2:20)

Watch the Trailer—Rick Mercer Report

How Do You Earn a Consumer’s Trust?

AI Meets Free Speech (7:00)

The Wired Future (29:04)

How New Technology Can Enable Timeless Storytelling (4:07)

Confronting the Social Biases in AI (5:10)

How Will Artificial Intelligence Influence Military Decision-Making? (4:07)

Technology Is Making the World Better. Except When It Doesn’t. (11:52)

How Does Facebook Affect “Outrage Culture”? (3:17)

How Do We Incorporate ChatGPT Into Our Companies? (3:46)

ChatGPT Is the Most Exciting Technology Since the Internet (1:29)

The Divisive Role of Technology in Politics (1:48)

Desire Is the Foundation of Business (2:02)

Understanding Why We Want What We Want (2:09)

Finding Who We Are Through Story (2:19)

How and Why Public Schools Are (Still) Divided by Race (1:03:44)

How Black Americans Fought for Our Democracy (7:05)

The Brain Is Our Last Frontier and Consciousness Is Expanding | Dr. Heather Berlin

The 1619 Project: Understanding How Slavery Shaped America (4:25)

Fear Inc.: Confronting Islamophobia in America

Can We Build Happier Cities? (18:51)

Making Cities Happy (6:07)

How Cities Influence How We Feel and Behave (1:19:03)

Is Democracy Threatened By Predictive Software? (2:47)

The Real Business of Private Data (2:27)

UNESCO World Press Freedom Day Keynote

Want to Be Great? Find Your Unique Voice (3:30)

Cultivating Healthy, Harmonious Passions (4:51)

What is Surveillance Capitalism? (3:12)

Beyond Words: How Great Achievers Realize Their Unique Potential (4:20)

The Secret to Passionate Excellence (4:30)

Where Do Success and Happiness Meet? (6:35)

Harmonious Passion: The Practice That Grows With You (6:14)

How Real Mentoring Benefits All Parties (5:03)

How Past Success Prevents Future Breakthrough (8:06)

Better & Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas (8:14)

What is the Future of AI Integration? (4:44)

AI and the Super Future (25:35)

How to Make Innovation & Change Happen (30:00)

How to Land a Moonshot (1:29)

What is Artificial Intelligence? (5:31)

Solving the Next Pandemic Before It Happens (19:31)

What Does AI Tell Us About Humanity? (3:09)

The Power of the Exponential (3:05)

Making Proudly Frivolous Films—With a Deeper Mission (2:29)

Telling New Stories to Change Perspectives (4:33)

The Power of Images to Empower Their Subjects (3;55)

Success is not Satisfaction

Fun, Fierce, and Fantastical African Art (5:11)

The Secret History of Muslims in America

NPR’s Live From Here

How Writing Can Help Process Grief (3:08)

Choosing Hope Over Despair Is an Ongoing Process (1:37)

How to Prevent Mass Information Warfare (1:46)

Why Artificial Intelligence Helps—and Hurts Us (2:50)

Info Security for a Brave New World (15:30)

Make a Great First Impression. Learn How to Shake Hands. (5:30)

Teaching Hard History: American Slavery

National Book Festival

Hacking the Future of Technology (21:50)

How Will Social Structures Affect Our New Longevity? (6:58)

Is it Ageist to Ask How Old Someone Is? (1:49)

Ageism is Everywhere: Train Yourself to See it (11:16)

Let’s End Ageism (11:38)

David Wallace-Wells on The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming (58:12)

David Wallace-Wells on The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming (58:12)

Think About Data in a Human Context [17:28]

Experience the Human Side of Data [7;28]

Designing Invisible Worlds—Good Germs and Healthy Buildings

Climate Change Is a Story of Mythological Proportion (2:38)

How Will Climate Change Affect Capitalism? (2:01)

A Story of the Future of Earth (1:06:34)

Jer Thorp | Living in Data [21:52]

The Importance of Documenting Injustices [1:59]

After Juneteenth: The Promise of Freedom [1:52]

David Wallace-Wells on The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming (58:12)

Three Things We Get Wrong About Climate Change (5:48)

Empowering a Generation to Seek Social Justice and Solidarity [4:04]

Forgotten Heroes Still Leave Their Mark [3:33]

What Does Allyship Look Like? [1:16]

The Anatomy of AI

You and AI — The politics of AI

The Trouble with Bias

Identity in Play

Playing with Gender

It’s Time for Happiness: Using Our Time for Maximum Wellbeing

How to Cultivate Meaning

The Silencing of Black & Queer Voices: George M. Johnson on 15-State Ban of “All Boys Aren’t Blue”

McNally Jackson Presents: George M. Johnson (All Boys Aren’t Blue) In Conversation with MJ Franklin

George M. Johnson on “All Boys Aren’t Blue”

What one American realized about growing up Black and queer l GMA Digital

Firing Line with Margaret Hoover | PBS

Roe in Limbo: A Townhall on the Leaked Dobbs Opinion

Fostering Dialogue in a Polarized World [1:35]

“After Roe”

Roe v. Wade to the present

Historical Contributions of LGBTQ+ Americans (Good Morning America)

20th Century Gay Powerbrokers and the Risks They Faced (PBS)

Sticks and Stones: On Free Speech (TEDx)

How to Become a Principled Rebel

Asian-American Identity Is Always Changing – and That’s a Good Thing

Friendship, Music, and Grief in Stay True

Changing Our Conversations around Asian America

Maintaining Family Ties Via Fax

How to Build a Team With People Who Disagree With You

How You Can Change Minds With a Single Conversation

Finding Hope (and Saving Our Democracy) in an Age of Polarization

Why the Art of Persuasion Is So Important

Rebuilding Our Institutions to Benefit Us

Reclaiming Philanthropy from the Global Elite