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Hispanic Heritage Month: Inspiring Us to Reach for the Stars

Hispanic Heritage Month

Ellen Ochoa

She made history as the first Latina in space—but she didn’t stop there. Instead, she became the first Latinx director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where she transformed its company culture to welcome diverse voices. Today, she encourages Hispanic people like herself to dream big and aim high.

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"Don't Chase Cool": Nike's Former Chief Marketing Officer


Greg Hoffman

Want to build an environment of radical risk-taking and powerful collaboration? “Never play it safe, play to win.” Based on his three decades at Nike and his hugely influential book Emotion by Design, Greg’s insight-packed keynotes have inspired thousands of leaders and creatives at industry giants like Instagram, Adobe, EA Sports, and more.

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Race, Gender, Skills, Interests: It All Matters in Activism


Raquel Willis

This formidable Black trans activist co-founded the Trans Week of Visibility and Action and has become a crucial voice in the conversation around race, gender, and intersectionality. To Raquel, solidarity is like a painter’s palette. We can use our diverse strengths and interests like different colors in the painting to create a better world for everyone.

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The 1619 Project: The History and Future of Black America

Social Justice

Nikole Hannah-Jones

In The 1619 Project, now a Hulu series and #1 New York Times bestseller, Nikole proves that when we understand the history of Black America, we understand the history and the future of all America—which makes us better equipped to fight for racial justice today.

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Living Legend & Cultural Icon


Margaret Atwood

The author of The Handmaid’s Tale and one of the world’s most brilliant and iconic writers, with sparkling wit, a prophetic eye for the future, and a deep passion for social activism.

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New Speakers

The next wave of keynote speakers: tackling tomorrow’s challenges, today

The legacy of slavery still shapes our cities, roads, and stories today. Understanding our history will help us make sense of our world—and fight for a better one.

Curiosity isn't just a personality trait—it's a skill. When you learn how to practice it, you unlock greater problem solving, stronger teams and powerful leadership.

Slavery fueled the growth of our churches, schools, and institutions. We must face that history if we want to understand—and someday transcend—our racial divide.

Higher education could be a powerful force for equity and democracy—but it must face up to its history of racial injustice first.

The story of art has always excluded women. But we can write a new, more equitable story for the future of art, and beyond.

Making a movie is like running a business. A glimpse behind the scenes of Hollywood's biggest hits holds lessons for every leader.

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In the pursuit of equality, a growing number of people have begun to define themselves in terms of their group identities, like race or gender. But Lavin’s Yascha Mounk says that’s actually counterproductive to our goal. In his new book, The Identity Trap, he shows us how to escape the trap and find solidarity.

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