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The climate crisis isn't only fighting for a greener planet—it's fighting for our lives.

Internationally bestselling author of On Fire, This Changes Everything, The Shock Doctrine, and No Logo

Naomi Klein | Author of On Fire, No Is Not Enough, This Changes Everything, The Shock Doctrine, & No Logo
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We Need a Green New Deal for Everyone (1:21)

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Front Lines First: What a Green New Deal Really Means (2:09)

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Lack of Action on the Climate Crisis Is Genocide (1:17)

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The Biggest Barrier to Collective Action Is Hopelessness (4:44)

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Change Capitalism, Change Our Planet (23:39)

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NAOMI KLEIN is an award-winning journalist, syndicated columnist, and the international and New York Times bestselling author of seminal books such as The Shock DoctrineThis Changes Everything, On Fire, and her recently published book for young readers, How To Change Everything. Klein’s life’s work is dedicated to dismantling the many dangerous myths surrounding the climate debate, and to date, her books have been published in over 30 languages worldwide. Urgent, hopeful, and commanding, Klein’s voice is the one we need to guide us in the global climate justice movement.

“The boldly ecstatic vision of climate justice—a Green New Deal… that saves our planet from our species and saves our species from itself—is a powerful tonic, an antidote to despair.”— LA Times

Naomi Klein is the UBC Professor of Climate Justice at the University of British Columbia. Her upcoming book Doppelganger explores the disorienting shifts around human identity in a world of artificial intelligence. An experimental and personal book, Naomi tackles the “wilderness” of today’s digital world, and offers us a usable map of our moment in history. Her most recent book, How to Change Everything: The Young Human’s Guide to Protecting the Planet and Each Other, is a call-to-action for the young people who have inherited the climate crisis. Teaming up with Rebecca Steffof, Klein provides readers with inspiration, ideas, and most importantly, the tools to build a better future. Her other recently released book, On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal, frames the battle for climate justice as inextricably linked to the fight for our lives. In addition to becoming a New York Times bestseller, On Fire was named a Best Climate Book by Fast Company magazine, and hailed by the LA Times as “an antidote to despair.” The book has inspired environmentalists seasoned and blossoming alike, with Klein being called the “intellectual godmother of the Green New Deal,” by 350.org founder Bill McKibben, and as the “great chronicler of our age of climate emergency, an inspirer of generations,” by Greta Thunberg.  A true force of nature herself, Klein’s powerful influence has had a ripple effect on an international level. She was one of the organizers and authors of Canada’s Leap Manifesto, a blueprint for a rapid and justice-based transition off fossil fuels endorsed by over 200 organizations. She later co-founded The Leap, a climate justice organization developed from the Manifesto to inject new urgency and bold ideas into confronting the intersecting crises of our time: climate change, racism, and inequality. In 2019. Klein was named one of the The Frederick Douglass 200: a project to honor the impact of 200 living individuals who best embody the work and spirit of Douglass.

Klein’s canon of environmental literature has left a deep impact. An instant New York Times bestseller, This Changes Everything won the Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for Nonfiction and became a feature documentary directed by Avi Lewis, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Her previous book The Shock Doctrine won the inaugural Warwick Prize for Writing, was named the New York Times Critics’ Pick of the Year, and was adapted into a documentary that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. The Battle for Paradise, adapted from Klein’s feature article for The Intercept, offered a startling investigation into the ways disaster capitalism undermines a nation’s recovery and all royalties went to disaster relief in Puerto Rico. Klein was awarded Australia’s prestigious Sydney Peace Prize, for “exposing the structural causes and responsibility for the climate crisis, for inspiring us to stand up locally, nationally and internationally to demand a new agenda for sharing the planet that respects human rights and equality, and for reminding us of the power of authentic democracy to achieve transformative change and justice.”

Klein is a member of the board of directors for climate-action group 350.org, a Senior Correspondent for The Intercept, and a Puffin Fellow of the Type Media Center. She is a Marielle Franco Fellow of the Social Justice Institute at the University of Chicago, and from 2018-2021, she was the inaugural Gloria Steinem Chair for Media, Culture, and Feminist Studies at Rutgers University. Klein has written a regular column for The NationThe Globe and Mail, and The Guardian that was syndicated in major newspapers around the world by The New York Times Syndicate. She has also been a contributing editor at Harper’s and Rolling Stone. Her articles have appeared in The New York Times, The New YorkerThe Washington PostNewsweekThe Los Angeles TimesThe Boston Globe,  and the London Review of Books. Klein is a regular media commentator, appearing on such shows as BBC Newsnight, Democracy NowThe Rachel Maddow ShowThe Colbert Report, and HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. In 2015, she was invited to speak at the Vatican to help launch Pope Francis’s historic encyclical on ecology, Laudato si’. She has multiple honorary degrees and received the International Studies Association’s IPE Outstanding Activist-Scholar award.

Speech Topics

Politics & Society
No Is Not EnoughResisting Shock Politics

After decades studying political shocks, climate change, and “brand bullies,” Naomi Klein’s latest work delivers a powerful blueprint for combating corporatist policies of the current US administration. From her perspective, President Trump is not an aberration but a logical extension of the worst, most dangerous trends of the past half-century—the very conditions that have unleashed a rising tide of white nationalism in many communities. Klein shows us that it is not enough to merely resist, to say “no.” Our historical moment demands more: a credible and inspiring “yes,” a roadmap to reclaiming the populist ground from those who would divide us—one that sets a bold course to empower positive social movements and strive for a radically better future. Urgent, timely, and ultimately inspiring, Klein helps us understand just how we got here, and how we can all come together and realize a better tomorrow.

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Climate Crisis
This Changes EverythingCapitalism vs. the Climate

Forget everything you think you know about global warming. The really inconvenient truth is that it’s not about carbon—it’s about capitalism. The convenient truth is that we can seize this existential crisis to transform our failed system and build something radically better. In her most provocative talk yet, Naomi Klein tackles the most profound threat humanity has ever faced: the war our economic model is waging against life on earth.

We have been told the market will save us, when in fact the addiction to profit and growth is digging us in deeper every day. We have been told it’s impossible to get off fossil fuels when in fact we know exactly how to do it—it just requires breaking every rule in the “free-market” playbook. We have also been told that humanity is too greedy and selfish to rise to this challenge. In fact, all around the world, the fight back is already succeeding in ways both surprising and inspiring. Climate change, Klein argues, is a civilizational wake-up call, a powerful message delivered in the language of fires, floods, storms, and droughts. Confronting it is no longer about changing the light bulbs. It’s about changing the world—before the world changes so drastically that no one is safe. Either we leap—or we sink.

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Politics & Society
Covid CapitalismAnd How We Can Beat It
In times of crisis, seemingly impossible ideas suddenly become possible. But which ideas? Fair, sensible ones that benefit everyone? Or predatory ones designed to make the already unimaginably wealthy, wealthier? In this talk, New York Times bestselling author and activist Naomi Klein reveals how the ongoing coronavirus crisis is helping us reimagine what’s possible—for better, and for worse.
On the one hand, some have tried to pass no-strings-attached corporate bailouts for some of the wealthiest, and least environmentally friendly industries, including fracking, cruise ships, and airlines, as well as roll back regulations that would protect the nation’s most vulnerable citizens. It’s a classic case of disaster capitalism, which Klein wrote about in her landmark book The Shock Doctrine.
Yet on the other hand we’ve seen a powerful push towards organized action, leading to important victories for healthcare, worker protections, and renter protections. How can we harness this momentum and use it to defeat the most dangerous ideas? How can we use it to advocate for comprehensive economic policies that will lead us into the coming century safely? Klein shows us how we can come together and float these new, radical ideas to the top—helping us get out of the current crisis, as well as preventing future ones.
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