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A graphic of Max Bennett and his book, A Brief History of Intelligence. The text reads, "To shape the future of Artificial Intelligence, look to the development of human intelligence."
Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman called Max’s book “amazing.”
Brave New Words, out now, is a “timely masterclass” on learning and AI (Bill Gates).
This photographer’s massive and highly anticipated solo show opens to the public this Sunday, May 12!
President Biden said she changed “what it means for every generation to reach for the stars.”
This Stanford neuroscientist is bringing us closer to curing Alzheimer’s and epilepsy by growing brain cells in the lab.
This award-winning art historian’s book, The Unseen Truth, will be out in September!
Michael’s new book, The Ritual Effect, shows you how to use simple, everyday rituals for greater motivation and stronger teams.
Today, we have the opportunity to envision—and fight for—a world where we can all embrace our unique identities and shared future. At a moment where the LGBTQ+ community is more visible than ever before, Lavin’s dynamic LGBTQ+ speakers (from pioneering activists to New York Times bestselling authors) offer bold talks on solidarity and hope.
More and more retail customers are turning to tools like ChatGPT—rather than search engines or businesses—to help them make decisions. And this is just one of the countless ways AI is disrupting your pipeline and funnel. What does this all mean for retailers? Doug Stephens knows.
Star NYU psychology prof Tessa West has spent her career studying how to communicate (effectively!) in uncomfortable workplace situations, and she says it’s not magic—just a simple set of research-backed strategies that will net you higher productivity and stronger teams.

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