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A graphic of Mary C. Murphy and her new book Cultures of Growth. The text reads, "How to build a growth mindset into your whole organization: Creating cultures of innovation, risk-taking, and inclusion"
Cultures of Growth—the revolutionary book on company-wide growth mindsets that’s already been featured in Forbes and more—is out now!
Every Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15), we pay tribute to the contributions of Hispanic and Latinx communities in America. Lavin’s trailblazing speakers—from the first Latina in space to the world’s most widely read Spanish-language author—celebrate the progress we’ve made and encourage us to play our part in the fight for inclusion.
Welcome Week represents a vital moment for new and returning students alike to kickstart their learning, connect with their community, and get excited for the new year. Our Welcome Week and Orientation speakers offer encouraging talks on topics that matter to college audiences: from racial justice to mental health, and beyond.
This election year, our students and colleges are polarized. But we can still come together in the pursuit of a stronger, more equal democracy. Lavin’s inspiring political speakers offer powerful, hopeful talks for your Fall 2024 semester.
May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Lavin’s cutting-edge speakers offer new perspectives on the 2024 theme: “Where to Start: Mental Health in a Changing World.” They reveal how to become your own best coach (instead of your worst critic), how to design cities that bring us together, and more.
This election year, our democracy is at a crossroads. How can we get through this together? First, we need to look back, Eric says. The overlapping crises of 2020, from the pandemic to the George Floyd protests, revealed issues that we’re still living with today. And we must work through them to find our way forward.
Imagine an organization where everyone contributes to the greater mission, where diverse ideas are embraced and used to fuel breakthrough innovation. We can get there, Denise says. But first, we need to move past mere inclusion—and towards the goal of indivisibility. Packed with insight and practical tips, Denise’s new book Indivisible is “a force for unity” (Adam Grant).
Generative AI is already changing the way we think about work, the economy, investments, education, and society at large. It promises to be more disruptive than the internet itself. Lavin has been exploring the potential of AI for years, and we are proud to share the insights of our leading thinkers.
Our path towards racial justice, solidarity, and equal freedom for all seems unclear. But it’s not too late to set things right. Renowned psychiatrist and professor Dr. Jonathan Metzl offers a new perspective on our current moment, using the lens of gun reform to show how we can come together in the pursuit of a better democracy.
May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, when we celebrate the AAPI communities who have made this country what it is. Lavin is proud to represent the world’s top AAPI Heritage Month speakers on solidarity and social justice, who embody and explore the 2024 theme of “Advancing Leaders Through Innovation.”

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