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A graphic of Greg Hoffman speaking onstage. The text reads, "The top 3 innovation keynote videos of 2023"
In a competitive landscape that’s moving faster than ever before, it’s never been more important to invest in the ideas of tomorrow. Our top innovation speakers offer practical strategies for harnessing your teams’ creativity, making change, and more. Watch our top innovation keynote videos now!
Now more than ever, individuals and organizations are seeking to increase wellness and productivity. Lavin’s top psychology speakers show you how to get the best out of yourself and your entire organization. Check out our top psychology keynote videos now!
Now that we know that DEI helps us get the best out of everyone, leaders are asking how we can actually implement it in our organizations. Lavin is proud to represent the world’s top DEI speakers, who give us practical strategies for the path ahead. Check out our top DEI keynote videos now!
This year has made history for its dramatic boom in Artificial Intelligence. In a time of great excitement, our exclusive AI speakers have garnered attention from all over the media for their ability to cut through the hype and deliver practical insights on AI and ChatGPT. Check out our top AI keynote videos now!
This was another banner year for books by Lavin speakers, which again helped shape the national conversation. We’re proud to have books by so many of our speakers on every Year-End list: from TIME to The Economist to The New York Times and beyond.
Many of us make admirable New Year’s resolutions every January. But how do we actually stick to them? Katy Milkman, the award-winning behavioral scientist who was just named to this year’s Thinkers50, offers 5 strategies that you can use to achieve your resolutions in 2024.
From a member of the Little Rock Nine to the award-winning author of one of the country’s most challenged books, these 12 top Black History Month speakers show us how to honor the legacy and history of Black communities across America.
The author of Remote, Inc., Alexandra says that if we can equip our teams to make effective use of AI, it will become not just a tool for productivity, but the key for us to play a meaningful role in transforming our workplaces for the decades to come.
Seek (out now!) reveals how curiosity is key to unlocking greater creativity and engagement. It’s “an empathic, practical, and heartfelt road map forward” (Seth Godin) and is striking a chord across the media: from The Today Show to Fast Company to The Next Big Idea Club.
Congrats to Raquel Willis, co-founder of the Trans Week of Visibility and Action, on the release of her highly anticipated memoir The Risk It Takes to Bloom: a “bold, brave, poignant story” (Alicia Garza, Black Lives Matter co-founder) of collective liberation.

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