The Lavin Agency Speakers Bureau

A speakers bureau that represents the best original thinkers,
writers, and doers for speaking engagements.

Sales Agent

Are you the right person in the wrong job?

Have you stayed up all night debating politics, music, civil rights and social justice, old philosophies, new technologies, the media, the economy—or, better yet, the intersection of them all? A real debate where minds get changed, including your own? Yes? Then maybe we’re the home you are looking for.

The Lavin Agency represents many of the world’s leading thinkers, writers, and doers for speaking engagements worldwide. We find, support, and collaborate with unique thinkers who strive to make the world a better place.

We are hiring brilliant misfits—passionate, resourceful, and resilient agents to book our community of keynote speakers. This is a great sales position, even and especially for people who’ve never considered a sales job. Under-qualified? The CEO took his college grant money, travelled the world, and never went back to school. Over-qualified? We’ve had our share of PhDs, MBAs, and LLBs. This job, simply put, is for the engaged and the engaging. The curious and the opinionated.

But it’s also a tough job. You must have a proven ability to deal with stress, work hard, and stay focused. You are a driven individual. Exceptional communication skills, written and verbal, are a minimum requirement. After all, your job will be to find, secure, and follow-through on new opportunities for our speakers—placing them at speaking engagements around the world through consistent, strategic, and proactive outreach to corporations, associations, educational institutions, and meeting and event planners. It is a position of solving problems and exploring ideas. It can be exciting. It can be frustrating. But so is anything worth doing.

We offer a competitive salary, comprehensive health insurance, boutique gym membership, exclusive weekly Zoom calls and in-person visits with top thinkers, and a work environment of continuous learning and support.

A final word about us. We’ve been around for over 30 years and have a well-earned reputation for only representing the world’s most interesting people and have been described as having an uncanny ability to anticipate the zeitgeist. You’ll be joining a team of 25+ and growing.

If you are a brilliant misfit who wants to challenge yourself, write to us at [email protected]! Please include your resume as well as an original cover letter that specifically, and persuasively, addresses why you’d like to work at The Lavin Agency. In that cover letter, please also tell us about one cultural figure who you think is underrated. (Submissions without cover letter will not be considered).