speaker news | March 17, 2023

AI, Human Creativity, and Racial Justice: Five Highlights from Lavin Speakers at SXSW 2023

This past weekend, several of our top speakers spoke at SXSW, an annual conference dedicated to bringing diverse topics and people together. Our speakers talked about a variety of hot topics in the world, like the rise of AI and what it means for our businesses and personal lives, or how through racial justice we can create a future where everyone can thrive.

In case you missed it, here are five highlights!


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Heather McGhee

Listen to Heather talk about how racism doesn't only affect people of color—but impacts everyone. If we can come together across lines of race, we can make a positive impact on society. Heather is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Sum of Us. She offers us an actionable roadmap during one of the most critical—and most troubled—periods in history.

Find more info, and listen to the recording here.


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Listen to Nita discuss the growing use of AI and neurotechnology in criminal justice and how technology could have the potential to help us transform our justice system to better serve the people it's meant to protect. Nita is the author of the newly released The Battle For Your Brain. She offers us a much-needed map to navigate today’s fast-changing technological landscape.


Find more info, and listen to the recording here.


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John Maeda talks about how Large Language Model AIs like ChatGPT are providing new hazards and opportunities for the next wave of tech products and services. John is the Microsoft VP of Design and Artificial Intelligence. He champions the necessary role that artists and designers play in the new creative economy. 


Find more info, and listen to the recording here.


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Michael Casey talks about how new technologies like AI and VR are changing events and our interactions with one another. They offer new experiences and help us to engage in different ways. Michael is the Chief Content Officer of CoinDesk, an award-winning crypto media outlet. He helps leaders prepare for the coming golden age of creativity and collaborative problem-solving.


Find more info, and listen to the recording here.


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Douglas Rushkoff shared his insights on how tech elites are shaping the world in their image—and how, with collective human action, we can still fight for a society we want to live in. He is the bestselling author of Survival of The Richest, and was named one of the world’s 10 most influential thinkers by MIT. 


Find more info, and listen to the recording here.  

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