politics & society | August 23, 2019

Nikole Hannah-Jones’ ‘1619’ Podcast Launches Its First Episode for The New York Times

Four hundred years ago, in August of 1619, a ship carrying enslaved Africans arrived in the American state of Virginia, then a British colony. That fateful trip altered the country, it’s identity, and its history in unimaginable ways. Nikole Hannah-Jones explores the shadow cast by that crucial moment in her new audio series ‘1619.’

Titled “The Fight for a True Democracy,”  the first episode of Nikole Hannah-Jones’ 1619 podcast examines the collective trauma and repercussions of slavery, both on the African American population, and the nation as a whole. The series is part of the much larger 1619 project for The New York Times Magazine.


“Without the idealistic, strenuous, and patriotic efforts of black Americans, our democracy today would most likely look very different—it might not be a democracy at all,” says Hannah-Jones.


You can listen to the full episode here.


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