corporate culture | April 27, 2021

Remote Work & The Hybrid Office: Mastering the Post-Pandemic Workplace with Alexandra Samuel

After a year in which many of us plunged into remote work overnight, we finally have a chance to make thoughtful choices about how to combine remote and office work. In her new book Remote Inc., Alexandra Samuel—a tech journalist and remote work professional of 25 years—reveals how to adopt the mindset and habits of people who flourish while working outside the office. 

As companies begin reopening their offices, many are deciding how to factor remote work into their long-term plans. The flexibility of the hybrid office is certainly appealing, to both employers and employees —but how to put it into practice is another story. How can leaders manage teams working in different locations? And how can employees make the most of their time at home and at the office?

Remote Inc. by Alexandra Samuel (and productivity guru Robert Pozen), offers a roadmap for this unprecedented moment in history. In it, she’ll show you clear, actionable strategies for how to overcome communication barriers and collaborate effectively online; prioritize your time to achieve a healthy work-life balance; and deliver on objectives by adopting the habits of a small business owner.

Remote work can be satisfying and productive, says Samuel. Once you craft a strategy that taps into its unique benefits.  


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