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Top Climate Change Speakers: Facing the Future of Our Environments

Greenhouse gases. Rising sea levels. Extreme weather conditions. Our Climate Change Speakers ask hard questions: how have human beings influenced the Earth’s temperatures? How will these changes affect communities and species across the globe? And, importantly, is there still time  to change our ways? These top climate change speakers say yes, vibrantly outlining what we must do on a personal, political, and environmental level to ensure a greener future. 

Jared Diamond – Author of Upheaval and Guns, Germs, and Steel 


Why societies collapse | Jared Diamond


Pulitzer Prize Winner, a #1 New York Times bestselling author, and one of the world’s Top 10 Public Intellectuals, climate change speaker Jared Diamond uniquely addresses our world in crisis—from global warming to Brexit—revealing a brilliant new theory of how and why some nations recover from crisis and others don’t. With his expansive wisdom, he shows audiences how we can apply this knowledge to the global crisis that climate change represents.


Naomi Klein – Author of This Changes Everything | Activist 


Naomi Klein - This Changes Everything | Bioneers


An award-winning journalist, columnist, and the #1 international bestselling author, climate change speaker Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything exposes the myths of the climate debate. It’s “the most momentous and contentious environmental book since Silent Spring” says (The New York Times). Her forthcoming book, On Fire (September 2019), takes on the global climate justice movement and makes an urgent case for a Green New Deal.


David Wallace-Wells – Author of The Uninhabitable Earth

David Wallace-Wells,


In his critically hailed instant New York Times bestseller The Uninhabitable Earth, climate change speaker David Wallace-Wells tells the epic climate crisis story of our time. In urgent talks, he asks key questions—how will the map of global power shift as coastlines are redrawn?—and reminds us that everything is within our control, so long as we resist complacency. 


Bill McKibben –  Author of The End of Nature | Environmentalist 

Everyone Knew about Climate Change. Why Didn’t We Do Anything? | Bill McKibben


Of all the challenges the planet faces, none is as large as its fast-heating climate—and no one has worked longer or harder than climate change speaker Bill McKibben both to document and fight that ever-growing crisis. The author of the first book about global warming—1989’s The End of Nature—McKibben went on to found, which has become the biggest grassroots climate campaign in the world. His latest book, Falter—already a New York Times bestseller—offers a call-to-arms, 30 years after The End of Nature set the stage. Hopeful but realistic, McKibben “combines fear of bad outcomes with hope for good outcomes,” says The New York Times.   


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