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Make Big Data Use More Transparent: Speaker Jer Thorp

Have you ever wanted to explore the Okavango Delta, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa? Big data speaker Jer Thorp is working on a new project so you can do just that—without leaving the comfort of your own home. Thorp, a newly chosen Emerging Explorer, will be charting the Percy FitzPatrick Institute’s research […]

Humanitarian Hackathons: Big Data Speaker Jake Porway In The Economist

By now, you've probably either hired someone for a big data-specific project at your organization, or, you're figuring out how big data can work for you. Jake Porway, a big data speaker, wants you to think outside the box about what data mining can bring to the table. With DataKind, he brings data experts together […]

The Human Face Of Big Data: Speaker Jer Thorp

Big data is the new oil. That's a phrase that Jer Thorp, a data artist and popular speaker on big data, has been hearing a lot lately. Many organizations are now hiring employees who are trained in big data utilization with the expectation that this movement is poised to revolutionize business. They also see dollar […]

David Eagleman: Can Neuroscience Change The Justice System?

Our prison system works as a one-size-fits-all institution. Science speaker David Eagleman believes that modern neuroscience research and better use of big data could change that. The sought-after neuroscientist recently addressed the subject in Smart Planet. He explained that physiologically driven behavior isn't always taken into account during sentencing, and, that there could be more effective […]

Don’t Play It Safe: Big Data Speaker Jer Thorp On Starting Your Career

Jer Thorp didn't get to where he is today by playing it safe. The big data speaker and National Geographic Emerging Explorer carved his own path and took chances along the way. “It all started out of an act of rebellion,” Thorp says in National Geographic of how he started his career visualizing data. He […]

Seek Questions, Not Answers: A Big Data Keynote by Jer Thorp

We all have big hopes for what big data can do for us. But before we can put these metrics to good use, we must humanize and understand the context of it all. That's what Jer Thorp, a prominent speaker on big data, does with his data visualizations. At a symposium held at Caltech, the […]

Big Data Can’t Replace Human Insight: Adam Bryant Talks To Google

Business speaker Adam Bryant knows about the challenges of being a successful leader. Twice a week, he talks with some of the top executives in the world about leading and managing in his New York Times column “Corner Office.” In his popular book of the same name, he drew out the broader lessons he's learned […]

Discovery Through Data: Jer Thorp, A National Geographic Emerging Explorer

“Often my work stems from a question in my mind or an interesting data set,” Jer Thorp, a big data speaker, tells National Geographic. “I look at it from as many conceptual and mathematical angles as I can, searching for a pattern. For me, it’s a visual way of analyzing a problem. I think in […]

Solving Unique Problems With Data: Jer Thorp’s Office for Creative Research

When big data speaker Jer Thorp's tenure as the Data Artist In Residence at The New York Times ended, he felt both excitement as well as fear. He was worried that his new venture, a company he co-founded called The Office for Creative Research, would either get no work—or work that he wouldn't be passionate […]

Data Visualization Is A Process—Not A Product: Jer Thorp In HBR

Jer Thorp, a big data speaker and the Former Data Artist in Residence at The New York Times, doesn't think data visualization always has to be the end result of a project. Rather, as he writes in a guest blog post in The Harvard Business Review, he sees data visualization as a process, not a […]

From “Vanity To Utility”: Big Data Speaker Jer Thorp Turns Tweets Into Art

You can learn a lot about people in 140 characters or less. Millions of tweets of that length are sent on Twitter every day. Big data speaker Jer Thorp, the former Data Artist in Residence at The New York Times, was curious about would happen if he combined all of the valuable data lingering on […]