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Reducing Prejudice Requires Meaningful Conversation—but the Results Speak for Themselves, Says Dave Fleischer

Prejudice divides us, and to Lavin speaker Dave Fleischer, Director of the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Leadership LAB, dismantling it is nothing less than a science. “Deep canvassing”—a method refined by Fleischer and his team—means knocking on doors to engage people in fact-based, personal conversations about subjects like gay marriage and transgender rights. The effect is tangible: real, data-verified change […]

Speaking Truth to Power: Though Their Activism Looks Different, These Speakers All Fight for Human Rights & Equality

“It couldn’t happen here, not in 2017.” This is the soothing delusion many of us have recited over the past year, but its potency is waning—and now it’s time to act. This week we look at five Lavin speakers—Jelani Cobb, Reza Aslan, Angie Thomas, Megan Phelps-Roper, and Matt Taibbi—who seek to transform the world through […]

Social Change Speaker Jessica Jackley: We Need More Female Entrepreneurs

“We must increase the number of women entrepreneurs, of women CEOs, of women leaders in every field,” social change speaker Jessica Jackley tells The Wall Street Journal. In her Chelsea Clinton-approved article (the former First Daughter recommended it highly on her Facebook page this week), Jackley says that women in leadership roles are a huge […]

First Look: Preview Of Before I Die, The Book, By Candy Chang

“The Before I Die project was a way for me to make sense of the aftermath [of the death of a loved one],” artist and speaker Candy Chang says in a Huffington Post op-ed. The project—a blank chalkboard with spaces to share your thoughts on what you'd do before you die—has had the same therapeutic […]

Jessica Jackley On Successful Social Entrepreneurship [VIDEO]

What makes a social entrepreneur different than other entrepreneurs? That was the lead-in question asked of social change speaker Jessica Jackely at The Duke Colloquium: Intellectual Curiosity and the Professional Life event. The Co-Founder of Kiva recently visited the school to give a presentation and participate in a workshop. The event was geared toward helping students […]

Janna Levin: Are There Some Theories We Will Never Understand?

In a talk Janna Levin gave for TVO's Big Ideas Series (embedded above), the science speaker says an idea presented in her book, A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines, still haunts her today and influences the work she does as a mathematical physicist. The book is a cross between science and fiction that chronicles the […]

Why “Blindly Donating Money” Doesn’t Work: Jessica Jackley’s College Keynote

A lecture given by Doctor Muhammad Yunus, a Bangladeshi economist, turned social change speaker Jessica Jackley's career path completely on its head. As she told Doane College students in a new keynote speech, she was inspired to start Kiva.org after hearing him speak. “He told people that if they wanted to help, they needed to […]

One Million Micro-Borrowers: Jessica Jackley & KIVA Hit A New Milestone

Today marks a major milestone for social change speaker Jessica Jackley and her team at KIVA. The nonprofit microlending organization just announced that they've “reached over 1 million people in more than 65 countries through $400 million in microloans.” When she co-founded KIVA back in 2005, Jackley wanted to change the conversation about poverty. She […]

Money Isn’t The Only Form Of Currency: Jessica Jackley [VIDEO]

“I grew up with some angst and some stress about money,” social change speaker Jessica Jackley told the crowd at a recent CreativeMornings lecture. When she was growing up, Jackley says that she would become extremely disheartened every time she learned about someone living in extreme poverty—to the point where she admits to sometimes having […]

Angela Davis: Don’t Subordinate Your Aspirations To Political Agendas

As social change speaker Angela Davis says in her keynote address at the Peace Ball in Washington, President Obama's work is just beginning. With the long election campaign behind him, he is now embarking on his second term as President of the United States. While Davis says it's wonderful to support him, “that support should […]

Atlantic Meets Pacific: Social Change Speakers Discuss Technology

Social change speakers Jessica Jackley and Ben Rattray were joined by a panel of top thinkers who spoke at The Atlantic Meets the Pacific event. It focused on globalization and the disruptive technologies that are making a huge impact on society—and how the next big technological advancements will change the world. This is the second event of its […]

Simple Ideas and Social Action: KIVA’s Jessica Jackley is a Buick Agent of Change

“Simple ideas are often overlooked,” says Jessica Jackley, a social entrepreneur speaker who has just been named one of the 2012 Buick Agents of Change. Jackley is the co-founder of the microlending powerhouse KIVA, where she turned a simple idea (lending developing world entrepreneurs the exact amount of money they need, say, $25) into a […]