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Data is like water. You can drown in it—or you can learn the skill of “data storytelling,” help your company make better decisions, and keep yourself afloat.

TikTok's Head of Strategy & Analytics | Former Google Data Evangelist | Wharton Senior Fellow

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The “Know, Go, Grow” Formula for Data Storytelling (1:32)

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Why More Sales Isn’t Always a Good Thing (2:47)

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What Makes a Good Data Insight? (2:31)

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How to Convince Your C Suite to Act on Your Data (3:16)

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Gathering more data won’t necessarily help your business. It’s the stories you tell with that data that actually drive success, says Sarah Norman, TikTok’s Head of Strategy & Analytics. Instead of drowning ourselves in massive datasets, we need to learn how to weave compelling narratives that drive business decisions and sway teams and partners to our side. The skill of data storytelling is crucial in every field—whether you’re trying to connect better with customers, pitch an initiative to your CEO, spearhead your company’s AI strategy, or simply ace your next performance review. In talks, Sarah draws on her experience as a Wharton Senior Fellow and former Google “Data Evangelist.” She shows you how to practice data storytelling through tried-and-tested frameworks like the one she calls Know, Go, Grow. “Being able to take a bunch of data and put it together in a simple, convincing story is a game changer in any career,” she says.

Sarah Evangeline Norman has built a career around data storytelling: the ability to weave compelling narratives with the data points we have in order to spark action and success. At TikTok, she led a sales team and built new measurement solutions before creating her own analytical sales organization within the company and becoming TikTok’s first ever Head of Strategy & Analytics.

She is also an instructor for Section, the business e-learning platform founded by bestselling author Scott Galloway, where she teaches data storytelling and analyzing data for insights. As a Senior Fellow at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, she mentors MBA students and plays a pivotal role in Wharton’s Customer Analytics projects.

Previously, Sarah spent six years at Google as an Analytical Lead (or “Data Evangelist”), where she worked with Fortune 50 companies on growing their businesses. While working at Google, she became the Senior Advisor to Digital for Kamala Harris’s 2020 presidential campaign. She has worked with start-ups, governments, and political campaigns, and often uses her data storytelling skills to argue for the liberal point of view on Fox News and other media outlets.

Speech Topics

Know, Go, GrowHow Data Storytelling Can Help You Spark Action

All the data in the world means nothing if you don’t know what to do with it, says Sarah Evangeline Norman—“If you want to be really impactful with data, if you really want to drive action, you need to be a data storyteller.” As TikTok’s Head of Strategy & Analytics and a former Google Data Evangelist, Sarah knows that a compelling story, backed by data, is your most powerful tool for driving change and growth in your organization—and she can show you how to use these stories for success.

In this practical, accessible talk, Sarah shows you how to use different narrative frameworks to win leaders and teams to your side. For example, she explains the three-step framework she calls Know, Go, Grow: providing an interesting piece of knowledge as an opportunity for the business, telling your audience what action they need to take, and then showing them how taking this action will help them. With real case studies and expert insights, she gives you tangible ways to put data storytelling to use tomorrow, this week, and into the future. “I want to teach my audience how to convince their audience with data storytelling,” she says.

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Getting the Most Out of Your DataBest Practices for Data at Your Company

As TikTok’s Head of Strategy & Analytics and a former Google Data Evangelist, Sarah Evangeline Norman has advised Fortune 50 companies on how to best use their data, and she can show you the best practices she’s developed to use your data and gain a competitive advantage.

Data is like an ocean treasure hunt, Sarah says. You have to decide what treasure you’re looking for before you even start to search. In this talk, she reveals what you should be looking at to make the best decisions—and what you can safely ignore. Plus, she teaches you how to look at the data, how to test if it’s worth acting off of, and the trends you should be aware of. Her insights from her work with the world’s most successful companies are invaluable—no matter how much data you have, or how big or small your company is. Audiences will walk away equipped with the practical tools you need to put your data to work for you.

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