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Are We Having Fun Yet? Adam Scott is Adapting a Chuck Klosterman Novel for Film

Cultural critic Chuck Klosterman and comedic actor Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation) are a match made in pop culture geek heaven. Scott—who coined the phrase “Are we having fun yet?” on the underrated Party Down—has optioned Klosterman’s novel Downtown Owl for his first feature film. Scott says the book (think Friday Night Lights, but funnier) is a perfect fit for his newly-minted company, Gettin' Rad Productions. The story is “lovely and moving and funny,” he says. “It’s a really great story about people that I relate to.”

This isn’t the first adaptation in the works for one of Chuck Klosterman’s books. Craig Finn, of indie rock stalwarts The Hold Steady, is co-writing and co-producing Klosterman’s first memoir, Fargo Rock City, about being a teenage metal fan in the American Midwest in the 1980s. Besides Owl and Rock City, Klosterman is the author of a string of bestselling books (both fiction and non-fiction) such as Killing Yourself To Live, Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs and The Visible Man. He's currently the Ethicist at The New York Times Magazine, too!

On stage and in print, Klosterman talks about living in an accelerated culture, what reality even means anymore, and why the media we consume defines us so thoroughly.