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The Science of Happiness, and Success: Introducing New Speaker Daniel Lerner

Demanding schedules, multiple jobs, and sky-high expectations for productivity mean many of us are sacrificing our happiness and well-being in order to succeed. Competition starts earlier than ever: high school and college students battle depression and anxiety as they strive to distinguish themselves and earn top marks. However, to positive psychology expert Daniel Lerner, ‘success and happiness’ isn’t an either/or proposition. In fact, science shows how working on our well-being has surprisingly positive impacts on our pursuit of excellence. In Lerner’s fun, inspiring, and information-packed keynotes, we’re learning how to bring positivity back into our lives: not only for our mental and physical wellbeing, but for our performance levels and careers, too.

More of us are starting to realize that success and happiness can co-exist—and are often co-dependent. As such, Lerner’s message finds enthused audiences in professionals and students alike. In his talks, he advises Fortune 500 companies, executives, artists, and athletes on the benefits of positive and performance psychologies. His decade with International Creative Management and work with 21C Media Group have given him keen insights into the way people develop skills and cultivate techniques for success. To Lerner, improving our mental health is essential to raising our mental games—and with a mix of storytelling, immediately applicable information, and real-world examples, he’s helping professionals at all levels achieve like never before.

Unsurprisingly, his NYU course “The Science of Happiness” is the most popular non-101 at the university. In the classroom, he teaches students to develop optimism, resilience, and willpower, revealing the science behind why positive thinking (and good habits) can lead to better grades, relationships, performances, and even post-grad salaries. And he adapts these takeaways in fast-paced and practical keynotes for student audiences of all sizes (and their parents!). The college experience should be four years of thriving, Lerner believes, and not a harrowing process of just trying to survive. This is the talk we wish we could have heard while still in school—a must-see for all those navigating the stressful post-secondary scramble.

Whether you’re a manager, executive, Olympic athlete, artist, or student, there’s something important to take away from Daniel Lerner’s life-affirming and engaging keynotes.

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