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A Meeting of Wits: Chuck Klosterman and Craig Finn, Live in Minnesota, April 15

Among the two of them, pop culture journalist Chuck Klosterman and singer Craig Finn have produced some of the funniest, freshest, and most quotable writing of the last decade. Klosterman, in bestselling books such as Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, and Finn, as lyricist for beloved indie band The Hold Steady. Now, both of these Midwesterners will appear on stage April 15th as part of Minnesota Public Radio’s Wits series; Klosterman will speak, Finn will play songs. What binds these two men together, though, is more than this one event, their mutual love of sports, or even their well-publicized appreciation of the other’s work: In case you hadn’t heard, Craig Finn is a co-writer of the film adaptation of Chuck Klosterman’s first memoir, Fargo Rock City, which remains, in my humble opinion, one of the best books ever written about how fandom feels — how music, even a critically-drubbed genre like ‘80s metal, can permeate your life and give it meaning. Should be a raucously fun night.

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