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Mutual Respect, Not Pity: KIVA’s Jessica Jackley on Microloans That Connect People

In a recent Globe and Mail video, Jessica Jackley directly addresses the camera — the viewer — to explain how KIVA differs from other non-profit organizations. For one thing, Jessica says, KIVA lenders can truly connect with borrowers and get to know them, which fundamentally changes the experience from one based on pity to one based on mutual respect. KIVA lenders — regular people, like you and me — aren’t giving away their money with little to no knowledge of how it’s going to be used. Instead, they’re using their loans to help people in developing countries lift themselves out of poverty. These microloans, which start at just $25, empower developing world entrepreneurs to turn their hard work into lasting enterprises that help themselves, their families, and their communities. If you’d like to invite Jessica Jackley as a social entrepreneur speaker to your next event, please contact The Lavin Agency today.

Watch Jessica Jackley’s “Leading Thinkers Video” from The Globe & Mail.

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