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Innovation Speaker Jeremy Gutsche Celebrates One Billion Views at Trendhunter

Great news! Trendhunter.com—the brainchild website of innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche—just passed one billion views. Gutsche’s site is, by leaps and bounds, the largest and most updated collection of cutting edge ideas available anywhere—ideas on fashion, technology, design, architecture, consumer behavior, and mush else. As the site passed the billion-with-a-b milestone, Gutsche wrote, “Just three years ago, we were celebrating our 100 millionth view. Now, our community hits that every few months, so it seems like our little baby is growing up.”

When Trendhunter started a few years back, Gutsche was still Capital One’s Director of Upmarket in Canada; he would return from work and teach himself to code, working into the early hours of the morning on a side project that sated his entrepreneurial drive. “I was always an entrepreneur-at-heart, and…my career seemed to be tracking well, but I was frustrated that I still hadn’t found my business idea,” he explains. “So, I started Trend Hunter as a place for people to share ideas.” Since switching to Trendhunter full-time, Gutsche has written a bestselling book, Exploiting Chaos, and travels the world as an innovation speaker, telling audiences why culture always trumps strategy, while showing them how to “unlock cool” and radically innovate in times of change.