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Greed and Debt: Matt Taibbi’s 6,000-Word Rolling Stone Cover Story on Mitt Romney

The new Rolling Stone, with Mitt Romney on the cover, is already the talk of the internet. The cover article—which runs over 6,000 scathing words—was written by politics speaker Matt Taibbi in his trademark metaphor-rich, no-holds barred, cut-to-the-marrow style that he’s employed in bestsellers like Griftopia. Called “Greed & Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital,” the piece is a massive investigation into what Taibbi sees as Romney’s hypocrisy and noted public flip-flopping, timed to this week’s Republican Convention.

Taibbi looks at how Romney made a fortune at Bain Capital from profiteering off of the debt of others—only to turn around, years later, and run a Presidential campaign dedicated to fixing America's debt crisis. “By making debt the centerpiece of his campaign,” Taibbi writes, “Romney was making a calculated bluff of historic dimensions.” With a title like “Greed and Debt,” the article nestles perfectly into the realm of what Taibbi speaks to best—the economy, Wall Street, and the politics that undergird and directly affect the two.

When discussing the article with Martin Bashir of MSNBC, Taibbi says that “[Romney] created debt for a living for two decades,” and that his strategy for making money was “essentially the same operation that the mob uses.” He also questions whether Romney has enough insight into what's happening in the world around him (having hardly ever ventured outside of the country's more affluent neighborhoods) to address the needs of the average American.

In his previous books, The Great Derangement: A Terrifying True Story of War, Politics and Religion and Griftopia, as well as his Rolling Stone articles and brazen conference speeches, Taibbi delves deep into the antics of America's most influential powerbrokers, and looks at what we can all do to change the course of the nation's future.